UBank takes pain out of home loan applications in latest television campaign via The Monkeys

Ubank.jpgAustralian digital bank UBank has unveiled 'Dollhouse', a television campaign via The Monkeys, part of Accenture Interactive, to promote its easy-to-use online home loan application tracker.

The campaign shows a family-friendly dinner go rogue when one couple's daughter re-enacts the inconvenient truth and emotional discomfort many people experience when trying to track the progress of their home loan application.

Directed by Plaza Film's Paul Middleditch, 'Dollhouse' also highlights how UBank liberates its customers from a complicated process by giving them just what they need: access to UBank's UHomeLoan Tracker. The online tracker allows customers to follow the realtime progress of their application, removing the need for customers to always make a phone call for a status update. Along with a competitive interest rate of 3.59%, UBank offers just the home loan you need with no added extras. 

UBank1.jpgSays Scott Dettrick, CD, The Monkeys: "UBank is about simplifying banking in order to improve people's lives. Out of the mouths of babes, our latest campaign highlights just how simple the UHomeLoan process is compared to more antiquatedUbank2.jpg banking experiences."

Says Jo Kelly, chief marketing officer, UBank: "While our new campaign comes complete with a healthy dose of humour, it also shows how UBank is taking the pain out of the process, so customers can get just the home loan they need without the hassle."

Client: UBank
Chief Marketing Officer: Jo Kelly
Marketing & Strategic Brand Leader: Julie Burke
Marketing Manager: Daniel Stevens

Creative Agency: The Monkeys
Group Chief Creative Officer & Co-Founder: Scott Nowell
Executive Creative Director: Vince Lagana
Creative Director: Scott Dettrick
Copywriter: Barnaby Packham
Art Director: Leslie Sharpe
Group Strategy Director & Partner: Fabio Buresti
Business Strategy Director: Kit Lansdell
Managing Director: Matt Michael
Group Content Director: Sam McConnell
Senior Content Manager: Victoria Zourkas
Content Executive: Tasha Strachan
Head of Production: Thea Carone
Senior Broadcast Producer: Jade Rodriguez
Producer: Sally Lankshear

Production Company: Plaza
Director: Paul Middleditch
Executive Producer: Peter Masterton
Post Production: The Editors
Sound House: Song Zu


Bank Girl. said:

funny... but isn't that the Suncorp girl?

I loved this Suncorp Ad said:

Oh wait...

Miss said:

Could have been so much better. Solid ingredients, shit execution.

Lee said:

Never a good idea to have kids mouthing adult conversations.Unconvncing and horribly corny.

Corny Cliches R Us said:

Cut to perfectly acted alternately proud, then witheringly embarrassed expressions on faces of parents.

Predictably predictable.

Australian advertising is in a rut.

beat me said:

Dross. Total waste of talents and effort. Tune the end V/O up as a super and stick it up for 30s and it'll have the same effect.

Well. said:

I saw it on TV last night and it made me laugh.
Well, more of a sniggle but I smiled.
Is it greatness? Nah, but it's good and does it's job.
Better than half the seriousness of the bank stuff at the moment or those bloody annoying Suncorp ads that just keep coming. Shut up Sunny!

@Corny Cliches R Us said:

Lucky we have you to save us

British CD said:

Lovely, really good work.

monkey lover said:

What the f#@&'s going on in da Monkeyeeee house??

Why so serious? said:

I laughed out loud when I saw this.
Good to see a bank take themselves not so seriously.

Monkey do? said:

Isn't this from the same agency?

Oh dear said:

Wow they really went for an older brunette mother! the lighting makes her look terrible
cute kid though

Chuckle said:

This is great! Made me and my parents chuckle. Which is more then I can say for other bank ads.

Chuck All said:

Jeez Chuckle still living at home with Mum and Dad??
You’d need a laugh.

Ditto said:

Ohdear, I know what you mean! not flattering!!!!!!!!!
I just find this kinda overacted and just falls flat..

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