Australian lamb shows Aussies it's 'too easy' in new Spring brand campaign via The Monkeys

Australian Lamb launches its annual spring campaign today via The Monkeys, Sydney, by highlighting just how easy it is to bring people together for a lamb meal.

Titled 'Too Easy' and directed by Matt Kamen via Goodoil Films, the series of two spots play on the common Aussie vernacular through two scenarios - a man in a hot tub and a woman on a massage table - showing that preparing a delicious Lamb meal is so easy you can do it with the minimum of effort.

The integrated campaign is the first to feature the new brand line 'Share the Lamb', an evolution of 'You Never Lamb Alone'. The new line continues to celebrate Lamb's long history of bringing Australians together while actively inviting people to connect with loved ones over a delicious lamb dish.

The 'Too Easy' campaign will appear across TV, digital, social, OOH and radio from today, while PR will spread the message across earned media in the coming weeks. In-store activation and point-of-sale will support Australian Lamb sales with retailers.

MLA_hottub_stills.04.jpgMedia agency UM will introduce and drive awareness of the content to Australians through a broadcast strategy across TV, radio and social and via a Broadsheet partnership. To help communicate Lamb as the easy option to bring people together, this activity will be followed by product focused messaging across small format transit Out of Home and a locational-based mobile campaign.

One Green Bean will amplify the campaign via earned media with research into 'too easy' favours along with recipes to inspire Aussies to get cooking with lamb this spring to repay friends and family for favours.

Says Graeme Yardy, Domestic Market Manager at MLA: "We want to remind Australians that it's easy to bring people together over lamb, no matter the occasion. This campaign celebrates the classic Australian 'too easy' culture and builds on lamb's core positioning of unity and inclusivity.

"Australian Lamb is such a versatile meat, with many cuts, and works with many flavours, we wanted to make sure the food was central to the campaign storyline."
Creative Agency - The Monkeys, Sydney
Chief Creative Officer & Co-Founder: Scott Nowell 
Executive Creative Director: Vince Lagana
Creative Director: Scott Dettrick
Senior Copywriter: Benn Sutton
Art Director: Alastair Flack
Head of Planning: Michael Hogg
Managing Director: Matt Michael
Group Content Director: Ciaran Miller-Stubbs 
Senior Content Manager: Victoria Zourkas 
Content Executive: Will Davies
Head of Production: Thea Carone 
Senior Broadcast Producer: Kaija Wall 
Producer: Katie Bassett

Production Company: Goodoil Films 
Director: Matt Kamen
Producer: Helen Morahan
Executive Producer: Juliet Bishop 
DoP: Shelley Farthing-Dawe
Editor: Dave Whittaker @ ARC Edit
Post Production: The Editors 
Production Design: Arabella Lockhart
Sound: Song Zu
Media Agency - UM
Senior Client Director : Tim Rogers 
Senior Partnerships Manager: Jenny Lam 
Partnerships Manager: Anna Cox
Senior Connections Designer: Jonny Day 
Partnerships Trader: Yasmin Sherif

PR Agency - One Green Bean   

MLA - Chief Marketing and Communications Officer - Lisa Sharp MLA - Domestic Marketing Manager - Graeme Yardy
MLA - Brand Manager - Anna Sharp
MLA - Acting Brand Manager - Kelly Spence


Easy indeed said:

I get it, it's funny because he's in a hot tub. Genius.

Booooooooo said:

Well that's a disappointing couple of ads. High bar has been set, these wouldn't get over a low one.

Something strange in the neighborhood said:

These are funny. Good product demonstration of ease.
Why such a functional message though?
We've learnt to expect more from Lamb ads. They've always had a POV on something and were talked about.
These are good for what I guess MLA wanted to communicate but I certainly won't be sharing them with anyone like i have in the past.

Sigh... said:

I like the 'too easy' proposition. Especially when most women don't cook lamb or beef because they think it's too hard.

But the appetite appeal of these ads are terrible. Hairy man in a spa and fat chick on a massage table?

It actually puts me off eating lamb. Which means you'll have a load of angry farmers. Which means lamb will go down to $10 a kg at Woolies for the second year in a row.

Which is great for me, but shit for the client and Aussie farmers.

Cow said:

Not what I was expecting from Lamb but I do like these. Simple, funny and a tad weird.

Pete said:

Sounds like this plus 'ease' was the brief:

"Australian Lamb is such a versatile meat, with many cuts, and works with many flavours, we wanted to make sure the food was central to the campaign storyline."

No wonder this campaign feels so different compared to the past work.

These ads are not bad but they are not the Lamb ads everyone has grown to expect.

Has the Lamb marketing team lost its mojo?

Jizz in the tub said:

Wow. That makes lamb look like the most unappealing piece of rubbish on a plate. Lamb in a hot tub...hilarious. Now let's eat...ohhhhhhh. Mmmmm....

Old CD Guy said:

There are many criticisms one could aim at this work.

But at least they could have made the cooked product look deliciously charred and appetising.

It's one thing to be so laid back you can't be bothered cooking, but it's another to serve up food that looks like it might make you sick.

Howie said:


Boob said:

From the boob spot to this...Like going from a D to an A cup overnight

Emily said:

I saw the massage one on telly and smiled. Think most parents would too. Wasn't expecting it.
Kinda hard not smiling at these amongst all the other TV noise.

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