Canon launches campaign for pioneering new EOS R System via Monster Children Films

180730_Canon_Yoda_0225.jpgCanon Australia has launched a campaign for its groundbreaking new EOS R System, with an innovative and inspiring piece of content by Monster Children Films.

Shot throughout Japan and featuring five photographers each with a unique style, the film beautifully captures a balance of Japanese culture while showcasing the unique capabilities of the much anticipated EOS R lenses and full frame mirrorless camera in different locations and with different levels of light and subject matter.

Music and travel photographer Jarrad Seng, adventure film maker and photographer Beren Hall, surf lifestyle photographer Cait Miers and street photographer Maria X Boyadgis, joined Canon ambassador Dr Chris Brown to test the EOS R, with each exploring ways to maximise the camera's functionality for their own particular style of shooting.

180730_Canon_Yoda_1097.jpgThe film was overseen by director and photographer Chris Searl, who says the campaign is designed to both capture the consumer's imagination, and educate them on the possibilities opened up by the new system at the same time.180730_Canon_Yoda_1887.jpg

Says Searl: "The functionality of the EOS R system is really exciting, and it was our job to not only communicate the features but to really inspire photography enthusiasts and professionals to explore the possibilities the the revolutionary lens and camera design opens up.

"Creating a stunning film for Canon was of course also a priority, and we feel we were able to achieve all of these objectives".180730_Canon_Yoda_3453.jpg

Says Jason McLean, director of consumer imaging, Canon Australia: "EOS R is a revolutionary new system that enables photographers and videographers to look at the world through new eyes. We're incredibly proud of our products but utimately what we are known for is the amazing things that people do with Canon. So what better way to launch the new system than by putting it in the hands of the photographers themselves and letting people see their experience first-hand through beautiful content."

To view more about the campaign, click here.

Director: Chris Searl
Producer: Jam Hassan
DOP: Sam Brumby
Assistant Producer: Rip Zinger
Additional cinematography: Jam Hassan
Editor: Lincoln Caplice
Canon team: Brendan Maher, Lisa Walker, Lucas Townsend
Colourist: Matt Fezz
Design direction: Matt Pike
Sound engineer: Tim Bridge (Sonar Music)
Sound producer: Sophie Haydon (Sonar Music)
Sound Assistant: Haylee Poppi (Sonar Music)
Music composition: Fait
Music production: Nadine Riezouw (Gaga Records)


Thuglife said:

I so wanna carry around a large digital camera in my hand at all times. Not awkward at all.

GARRY said:


Too long said:

Boring as batshit for what is another camera. Love the egregious use of the word "game changer" once again when there is, in fact, nothing that this camera has changed. Also show me amazing "game changing" work as a result rather than let a bunch of people with no personality tell me about it.

Dave said:

Nice work lads!

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