Compare the Market meerkats move to Australia in new 'Simplesness' campaign via VCCP Sydney

Screen Shot 2018-09-24 at 7.30.32 am.jpgComparison service Compare the Market launched its 'Simplesness' philosophy to the nation on Sunday night via its latest TVC via VCCP Sydney, announcing the meerkats' big move to the Land Down Under to spread their important message.

The TVC - 'BBQ' - sees our favourite Russian meerkats move in next door, to introduce their new neighbours to Simplesness, a state of mind designed to empower people to save time and money and get the most out of their household budgets.

The concept of Simplesness was born out of the findings of a research study commissioned by Compare the Market and developed by Deloitte Access Economics, the Financial Consciousness Index. The study aimed to understand why so many consumers are unwilling to make changes to their household products and services despite an understanding that they could save money if they looked for a better deal.

Screen Shot 2018-09-24 at 7.30.43 am.jpgSays Jennifer Williams, chief marketing officer, Compare the Market: "The study identified clear consumer apathy when it came to reviewing their products and policies, either because it was seen as too complex or they feared making the wrong decision.

"Our Simplesness philosophy aims to simplify the process of comparing confusing products and remove the fear of making a bad decision by empowering consumers with the information and tools they need to make confident purchasing decisions.

"Simplesness is a whole-of-business philosophy. We want every interaction consumers have with Compare the Market to be simple and empowering. We have developed a range of tools and resources to support consumers' mission to improve their household finances."

To support the launch of Simplesness, Compare the Market commissioned a financial author, Melissa Browne, to write a financial self-help book entitled Money made Simples. The free-to-download eBook provides hints and tips on how best to meet your money goals. A number of tools, such as a Budgeting Calculator and a Savings Tip Generator, have also been created to inspire consumers to get the most out of their household budgets.

Says Williams: "We have updated a number of our comparison service journeys to make them simple and intuitive for consumers - most recently we've overhauled our car insurance and credit card journeys to ensure they offer consumers a best-in-class experience."

In light of Simplesness and the meerkats move to Australia, Compare the Market has also updated its brandmark, to bring the meerkat and market worlds closer together. The new logo is instantly recognisable, capturing both the charm of the meerkats and the simplicity of using the comparison service.  

Sunday night's TVC introduced the audience to a host of characters who will make regular appearances in future campaigns as we get to know the residents of Brushtail Place.

Agency: VCCP Sydney
Creative Director: Matt Lloyd
Creative team: Chris Willis and Jade Sturman
Account Director: Edward Hughes
Account Manager: Daniel Wood
Agency Producer: Sue Hind

Production Company: Passion Pictures
Director: Dave Scanlon

CTM credits
CMO: Jenny Williams
Communications Manager: James Boshier
Brand & Campaign Specialist: Carolina Perez Rebolledo


Good said:

This is good.
Better than most.

When did this happen? said:

The Meerkats used to work for a website called 'Compare the Meerkat' which people were always confusing with 'Compare the market'. Now it would seem that they are in the full time employ of 'compare the market' and have become nothing more than furry brand ambassadors.

Was this ever officially recognised or did it just happen?

@When did this happen. said:

I believe the hostile takeover took place in season three. Right after the yellow wedding episode.

this is rubish said:

there is no way this is simple, is a complex mush of sound and vision over complicating whats trying to be put across, oxymoronic..

Brentmeistergeneral said:

When is this meerkat / market gag going to wear thin?

For me it was a looooong time ago

reg said:

Big move? They've been here for years. Fun spot though.

Good but... said:

Should have been a 30.

Tania said:

The meerkats are a huge hit with us. A highlight every night!

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