Iron Jack salutes a good bloke and his dog in newly launched campaign via Ogilvy, Sydney

Iron Jack work still.jpgFollowing one of the most successful new beer launches in the past decade, Lion Beer Australia is continuing its mission to have Iron Jack become a household name, this week unveiling a new campaign, developed by Ogilvy in partnership with UM and Geometry Global, aimed at showcasing the universal bond between man and dog.

The nationwide campaign is spearheaded by a TVC that showcases the qualities of a good capable man. Supported by radio, the campaign also demonstrates that the thirst crushing refreshment of an Iron Jack makes it the perfect beer for all-round good Aussie blokes.

Iron Jack pub still.jpgAn OOH campaign, also live from this week, champions the beer itself as clean and refreshing.  Supporting digital and social activity, also developed by Ogilvy, will be launched in the coming weeks.Iron Jack dog still.jpg

Says Toby Harrison, chief strategy officer at Ogilvy Australia: "Australia has changed so much in the last two decades.  And for many men, the world they find themselves in is complex.  Their roles and responsibilitiesIron Jack beer still.jpg have grown and what is expected of them has become harder to navigate.  Whilst a lot has changed, what it takes to be a good bloke hasn't. And we wanted to send a simple message to Australia to remind them of that."

Says Amy Darvill, Lion's portfolio marketing manager (contemporary brands), said of the campaign's 'hero' character: "He's a handy, switched on sort of guy - but he'd be the last to admit it. He's the sort of bloke everybody wants to have around or be around.  While at the end of a hard day there is nothing better than an ice-cold Iron Jack, a good bloke looks after those around him first. That's just the kind of guy he is."

The campaign's creative also highlights the relationship between man and his dog, as part of Iron Jack's commitment to help Australian Working Dog Rescue International (AWDRI) save more than 1,600 dogs.

LIONOS1215_IronJack_H2_Comms_Adshel_LR[1][1] (1).jpgIron Jack's partnership will provide AWDRI with financial and marketing support, and volunteer hours from its marketing team, enabling AWDRI to continue its efforts rescuing working dogs across Australia.  The organisation provides vet work, training, rehoming and increasing fundraising and awareness opportunities.

Iron Jack's partnership with AWDRI also follows the launch of its "Beers for the Bush" campaign to raise $1 million for farmers affected by drought through supporting Rural Aid. Iron Jack will donate $1 from every carton sold nationally, and 50 cents from each schooner of Iron Jack sold at selected regional venues to help support local relief efforts led by the charity.

Says Darvil: "Iron Jack's commitment to these causes is a reflection of what our brand, and what the Lion Beer Australia business is all about."

Amy Darvill - Portfolio Marketing Manager Contemporary Brands
Ed Jamison - Senior Brand Manager
Liam Jeffries - Brand Manager

Declan O'Dwyer - Group Business Director
Chris Colter - Sydney Strategy Director
Toby Young - National Connections Design Director
Michelle Grogan - Client Director
Jonny Day - Connections Design Director
Lorena Chiarella - Partnerships Director

Boris Garelja - Creative Director
Carl Robertson - Art Director
Toby Harrison - Chief Strategy Officer
Andrew Braithwaite - Strategic Planner
Ben Frost - Group Account Director
Ola Moszumanska - Account Director
Pippa Coleman - Senior Account Manager
Renee Nadin - Broadcast Producer

Production Company: Scoundrel
Director: Scott Pickett
Executive Producer: Adrian Shapiro
Producer: Yolande Dewey
DOP: Crighton Bone
Production Designer: Jon Dowding

Editor: Stu Morely
Post: The Editors

Sound Studio: Song Zu
Music Supervisor: Ramesh Sathiah
Sound Designer: Abigail Sie
Audio Producer: Meg Drummond

Kate Warren-Smith - General Manager
Belinda McKinnon - Group Account Director
Ashley Cheng -  Senior Account Manager
Ben Walker - Planning Director
Brad Madge - Creative Director


Oh dear.... said:

Let the onslaught commence...

Oh dear indeed. said:

Oh dear indeed.

yep said:

I just assumed by ad and the branding that it was one of those shit private label Coles brands.

Everyone involved said:

Please, please, please take my name off the credits list.

Great ad said:

Well done Ogilvy, it’s tough to do really good ads for big beer brands. This is up there with some of the better beer ad in Australia.

At the risk of said:

tipping off the committee... Isn't this a massive breach of ABAC? Refreshment etc?

Stay tuned said:

Get the popcorn out - this comment section is going to get dramatic.

Popular said:

Just got back from NQ, lots of people drinking it, black for full strength, red for mid. Even despite the ad.

Serious question said:

Why would any client hire Ogilvy?
It is beyond me.

420blazeit said:

They hired Ogilvy because when they asked you, you were too busy be a fucking gronk.

Circle Jerk said:

Can someone articulate what is so wrong with this work?

It’s a dog said:

Film is a dog.

Why does the poster have Australian Lagers on it but there’s one beer?

Good Bloke said:

Dogs need water to live.

Giving a dog water on a hot day doesn't make you a good bloke, it makes you a normal person who doesn't want their dog to die.

Mans man. said:

Wow. White man. Drinks beer. Insightful.


I think I've got it now.

font police said:

NRMA font?

Seeker said:

What is the name of the gentleman actor?

Northgong said:

Can someone please tell me who the lead actor is, his face is very familiar.

Curious bitch said:

Where was this filmed? What town is the pub? Or is it fake, a set ? Looks like out near a Roma . Qld

Big dog said:

I thought is was the Federal Hotel in Wallumbilla which is about 40km east of Roma. When you zoom in on the pic it confirms it

Dogged out said:

I go to the pub for a drink to get away from the constant barking of dogs where we live.. cant go for a peaceful walk without them stressing us out lunging at the fences.. bored dogs not properly taught where their territory is.
Dogs on every add.why? Relaxing at a pub having a beer doesnt need a dog on public place..

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