Repco launches new 'It starts with the parts' brand campaign via Cummins&Partners

REPCO 1.jpgAustralia and New Zealand's most iconic auto parts chain, Repco, is set to launch a new campaign via Cummins&Partners bringing the retailer back to TV screens with brand work after a long hiatus. The campaign represents the first work under a new platform: 'It starts with the parts'.  

Says Chris Ellis, creative director, Cummins&Partners: "The strength of Repco is the passion and knowledge of their staff. These straight-talking characters know their stuff, no question is left unanswered. Cars and parts are a part of who they are - it's second nature. This felt like the right place to start. And we reckon car lovers and punters will love the result."

REPCO 2.jpgSays Jamie Walton, executive general manager, Repco: "We have around 4500 experienced staff across over 400 stores. Their expertise is the backbone of our business. This campaignREPCO 5.jpg demonstrates our passion with a level of warmth and wit that we think is accurate for the brand. In doing so, we're inviting people to put us to the test."

The campaign rolls out with the first of four TV commercials directed by Damien Toogood at AIRBAG, followed by social, digital, POS and catalogue.

Client: Repco Australia and New Zealand
EGM Merchandise & Marketing ANZ: Jamie Walton
GM Marketing ANZ: Diana Di Cecco

Agency: Cummins&Partners
Creative Director: Chris Ellis
Senior Art Director: Aaron Lipson
Writer: JJ Cummins
Creatives: Cam McMillan, Chay O'Rourke
Producer: Karley Cameron
Group Account Director: Rodney Mooseek
Account Director: Hayley Sparshott
Strategist: James Bennett
Digital Creative Director: Luke Wallis
Social media creative: Elijah Swart

Production: AIRBAG
Managing Partner: Adrian Bosich
Head of Production/EP: Martin Box
Director/D.o.P: Damien Toogood
Line Producer: Martin Box
Offline Editor: Michael Houlahan
Grade & Online: ALTvfx
Sound: Nylon Studios
Sound Engineer: Paul Le Couteur
Producer: Ceri Davies


-GK said:

I like these.

Old CD Guy's smarter brother said:

Very good.

A good way of saying 'we know our shit'.

ailes said:


lol said:

Simple and funny.

Yep said:

What a great little campaign.

Steve said:

Great work. Hope it extends beyond initial campaign. Could be iconic.

Henry Innis said:

Nice, flexible and no bullshit platform. Great job guys

Supreme said:

No no no no no, surely this many people can't think that this is great work?! It's ok at best. I feel like I'm taking crazy pills!

Well, I like it. said:

Yes, I do like it.

Just good said:

Well done guys. These work

Bill Board said:

Neat campaign. The basics done well. We've lost a bit of that in 360-degree video, 3D-printed adland.

Seen it before said:

...but a lot better, with better storytelling, talent and direction:

Wow said:

That’s a lot of people earnestly wanting to say nothing but good things about a little campaign shortly after publication.

RB26Monsterdonk said:

Nice one Bants!

Job Done. said:

Nicely cast, sharply written executed, and I laughed. Good 15's are hard. What's not to love? ps@wow. No more unusual than people with nothing but criticisms so soon after publication...

These are ads. said:

But they're not good.

bored bill said:


LOL lever said:

Well written comedy. Underplayed, not overcooked. For mine, they're great little 15 second spots with a clear premise. Hard to argue otherwise.

Good vibes said:

Hey Cummins, I think your Effusive-praise Comment Bot is on an overly enthusiastic setting. Might want to turn it down a few notches.

Not bad said:

Quite funny yeah.

I do think this is a bad case of Ad land casting themselves in ads though.

@Good vibes said:

Occasionally the industry produces a few gems.

These are they.

And they should be applauded.

I'm not a Cummins person.

@goodvibes said:

Yes you are

Fangirling said:

tanned guy 😍

Person with kids said:

The ad with the guy sniffing a substance is a bad idea. He could just look at it instead. I think it's a bit irresponsible.

G said:

Petrol Sniffing??? This is pretty terrible and worrying...

Me 2018 said:

What's that song playing at the end of the 2018 ad????

Kate said:

Can anyone tell me the name and artist of the song at the end? Its killing me...

Phil Officer said:

The music is: The J. Geils Band - Freeze-Frame

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