Sweetshop and Disciple evolve Subaru's 'do' brand positioning in newly launched campaign

Endframe_screen_1920x1080[1] (1).jpgSydney creative agency, Disciple and Sweetshop director Campbell Hooper, have launched new work evolving Subaru Australia's "do" positioning. In partnership with Starcom, the new work is centred around the call to action: "every moment is a chance to do".

Says Pete Buckley, creative partner, Disciple: "This represents the beginnings of a new brand journey for Subaru and further cements their commitment to the Subaru 'do' customer promise. To truly connect with Australian families we need  to bring to life the emotional benefits of what the Subaru brand offers. Our launch piece features a powerful story of father and son. It's a relatable story with all of us so busy it's easy to overlook the small things that make life special with dad realising just what he's missing out on."

Says Campbell: "This script very much touches and delivers upon both enhancing our material lives, as well as resonating with our emotional lives. It asks us to slow down and to see the world from the point of view of another. I love the pivotal moment where our father sees his child's enchantment with the train. He sees with his son's eyes. It's an emotional transition where he moves from a fixed rigid position to an attitude of openness and possibility."

Says Amanda Leaney, general manager marketing: "Our goal is to connect with families and inspire them enjoy the magic that surrounds them in their everyday. It's these simple moments of joy that keep us grounded and make us all human.

"The launch of the all-new Forester was the perfect platform to introduce our new brand direction and will be delivering a series of brand commercials, highlighting the Subaru range and the everyday moments that pass us by."

The campaign will run in broadcast media, and be shared through Facebook and Instagram using #OneLittleMoment

Agency:  Disciple
Creative Partners: Pete Buckley, Tim Brown
Creative Team: Pete Buckley, Tim Brown, Scott Huebscher
Head of Client Service: Libby Weston-Webb
Account Executive: Lydia Caldwell
Planning Director:  Kathy O'Connor
TV Producer:  Wendy Gillies

Client: Subaru
Managing Director: Colin Christie
GM, Marketing: Amanda Leaney
Brand Communications Manager: Lisa Packwood
Consumer Planning and Insights Manager: Jonathon Quirk -
Production Company: Sweetshop
Director: Campbell Hooper
Executive Producer: Loren Bradley
Managing Director & Executive Producer: Edward Pontifex
DOP: Andrew Stroud
Edit & Post: The Editors
Editor: Tim Mauger


imagine said:

How nice this would have been without VO

Mike said:

I love the work Disciple do on this brand. It's not flashy, but it's hits you in the right place. Speaking as the father of a 2 year old - this ad works perfectly.

Tutu said:


SF said:

Saw this spot on air the other night and thought it was a bloody great piece of work. I agree with @imagine, would be terrific without the VO but at the end of the day it is a TVC and not a short film. Well done all involved loverly work.

imagine x 2 said:

This is really nice. I also completely agree with @imagine though - everything said in the VO is communicated through the visuals. Great work, but ahhhh... what could have been.

Calle said:

Lets be honest even without the VO its still not very good

imagine x 3 said:

"At Subaru, we aspire to bring families closer....." wtf
Apart from that it's really nice

@SF said:

Yeah – it's an ad. But at the end of the day, people are never going to learn how to ride a bike without removing the training wheels.

Thuglife said:

" It's an emotional transition where he moves from a fixed rigid position to an attitude of openness and possibility."

More talking out of one's arse..

Greidy said:

I buy that.

Dan said:

Very nice without the VO.

Too Stupid said:

With or without the VO I don’t get it.

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