The National Heart Foundation appoints Host/Havas and One Green Bean

fY-ztSCL.jpgThe National Heart Foundation has selected Host/Havas as its new creative agency, with One Green Bean providing PR services, following a competitive pitch process.

The Heart Foundation's brief will include a new marketing strategy and creative direction for the national organisation, including a major brand push in early 2019, its first for a number of years.

The aim of the work will be to inspire Australians in the fight against heart disease - Australia's single leading cause of death, killing one Australian every 30 minutes.

The brand refresh is being spearhead by the Heart Foundation's newly appointed chief marketing officer, Chris Taylor.
Says Taylor: "Heart disease has lost its fear factor in recent years.  So, if there's one message we need to get across to Australians, it's that heart disease can strike at any time and does not discriminate. Delivering this message will be a key focus for us, in working with Host/Havas, to reinvigorate our market positioning and creative platforms.

"After a competitive two-phased tender process - agencies were invited to present their three-year brand strategy, a selected shortlist was then invited to present the creative and activation ideas to bring the strategy to life. Host/Havas were selected from a field of highly awarded creative agencies.

"The team at Host/Havas demonstrated they are much more than a typical creative agency. The calibre of their strategic and creative thinking, their open and collaborative way of working and their ability to think outside of traditional communications, makes them an excellent choice to help lead the Heart Foundation deliver on its next three-year strategic plan."
Says Laura Aldington, CEO, Host/Havas: "We spend a lot of time in our industry reminding ourselves that we're not saving lives, so the chance to actually do so for the Heart Foundation is beyond motivating. We are thrilled and can't wait to get started."

Says Jon Austin, executive creative director, Host/Havas: "As soon as we met Chris and his team at the outset of this process, we knew we had an incredible opportunity on our hands, for a Client who genuinely shares our belief that world class creativity is the only way to deliver world class results"

Host/Havas launched in October last year and has a team of over 200 strategy, creative and production staff, more than half of which are dedicated digital specialists.


Well Played said:

Well done Host Havas. An amazing and important client to have on your roster.
We wanted this one bad. Kudos to you.

Havas keeping it afloat said:

Host must be so happy to have Havas save them..

If the rumours are true, the integration is boiling over to complete disaster.

(Grabs popcorn)

@Havas keeping it afloat said:

I'm confused. Has Havas saved Host or is the integration a complete disaster?
Thank goodness you're not in the business of cogent and compelling storytelling.

(Grabs popcorn)

@the two above me said:

Surely we can just acknowledge an agency’s success on a highly coveted pitch without slipping into the same old toxic back and forth?
@Havas keeping it afloat - aren’t they just Host Havas now? Surely by now their victories are their own.

Demi Bear said:

We called that pitch Code Lion. It had Cannes gold written all over it. A fucking brave client, an incredible Australian brand. Congrats to the team. I can’t wait to see what Host/Havas do with it, and wish them all the very best. Teach the haters a lesson.

Monkey said:

@Havas keeping it afloat - are you reading the same article that everyone else is?! About a Client that saw all the very best agencies in Australia and chose Host/Havas cos they totally bossed it? Ignore the nonsense, guys - massive congrats Laura, Jon and the rest of the crew, you are on a rocket ship right now, enjoy the ride.

Highly coveted my arse said:

Let's not kid ourselves.
Host/Havas went for this and good luck to them. Everyone else went in half-cocked. This client is talking big but won't deliver. Watch and learn.

Doing more damage than good said:

Here's my bug bear with the advertising industry, collectively we know bugger all about nutrition. Worse still, the Heart Foundation know bugger all about nutrition and are doing more harm than good. They're actually creating heart disease. I'm the 60's there was a major study done on Fat vs Sugar. Fat lost and was demonised. We switched to low fat diets that were higher in sugar. We have been becoming fatter and more obese ever since.
All the latest research has revealed the the real cause of heart disease is inflammation What causes inflammation? An imbalance in the gut microbiome. What causes imbalances in the gut microbiome? Processed foods. Yet here we are in 2018 giving the heart tick of approval to McDonalds and Crust Pizza and a whole host of processed food in the supermarket aisles. And telling people that low fat products are good for them when indeed the reverse is true.
The CEO of the American Heart foundation dropped to the floor and had a heart attack after addressing a room full of cardiologists. He was 52. That pretty much tells you everything you need to know.

Here's what a leading heart surgeon in the U.S. learned and what he did about it:

Heart health and the gut

So by all means, get excited about your Cannes Lions but know that the advice you are peddling is sending record numbers of people to their graves. Early.

I despair said:

Demi Bear you didn't seriously call this pitch 'Code Lion' did you? God that's fucking sad.

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