Victoria Bitter partners with the NRL to launch 'NRL's Hardest Working' documentary series

Screen Shot 2018-09-28 at 10.30.25 am.jpgToday marks the launch of Victoria Bitter and NRL's Hardest Working short documentary series that sees NRL legends Nathan Brown and Iosia Soliola surprise two of Australia's hardest working NRL fans who have recently hit tough times.

The two pieces will be released on at 5pm today (28/09) and 9am tomorrow (29/09).

This season, Victoria Bitter has been rewarding the hardest working NRL players with the VB Hard Earned Award. Each VB Friday Night Football match, $1,000 has been donated to a charity by the hardest working player.

For the NRL Grand Final, Victoria Bitter decided it was time to reward some hard-working NRL fans as well. With the help of partners, Victoria Bitter got in touch with a couple of Australians that had fallen on tough times.

Series overview:

Part One - Released on at 5pm (28/09) - Chris Harris has recently hit hard times. A former RAAF serviceman, Harris and his partner Sharlene have recently moved to Newcastle following the birth of their third child. RSL DefenceCare have been providing support to Harris and his family. Support which Harris is determined to repay, even though it is not expected. Victoria Bitter recognised the burden on this father and his young family and decided to repay the funds on Harris' behalf so that he could concentrate on what is most important, his family. Nathan Brown, one of the hardest working players from the Parramatta Eels was keen to help.

Part Two - Released on at 9am (29/09) - Brett Jessop and his wife Anne are farmers from the Bega Valley in southern NSW. They, like many hard working Australians are currently battling the drought. Jessop is a keen Canberra Raiders fan so Victoria Bitter reached out to one of the hardest working players, Iosia Soliola to surprise Brett and Anne with a desperately needed delivery of feed for their cattle.

Victoria Bitter and the NRL will be hosting the Jessop family and Chris Harris and his partner at this weekend's NRL Grand Final between the Melbourne Storm and Sydney Roosters.


Incredible said:

This is brilliant! Great work that really boosts the Australian Industry and puts it in the world stage!! So good to see innovative use of media. Well done to everyone involved!!

Bravo said:

Best work VB have done in a long time. Fantastic work leveraging a strong insight.

Ok said:

Remember when beer was fun

Killin' it said:

Remember beer ads?
Everyone works hard. Or you get fired.
We get drunk to forget shit like this.
Pull your head in and make us laugh again.
It's beer. Only beer.

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