Cricket Australia unleashes new spots for KFC Big Bash League via M&C Saatchi, Melbourne

Screen Shot 2018-10-26 at 6.15.30 am.jpgCricket Australia has launched 'League of Heroes', a powerful new marketing campaign created with advertising agency M&C Saatchi, Melbourne to promote the eighth season of the KFC Big Bash League (BBL) which commences on Wednesday 19 December.

The campaign will air across the country from this Sunday with 60, 30 and 15 second TVCs, which highlight the world-class ability of BBL players, while showcasing the excitement and entertainment fans experience at BBL matches.

The campaign is also rolling out across out of home, digital and social with a series of bespoke creatives designed in collaboration with all eight BBL Clubs and the League. Each of the creatives feature a mix of realism and fantasy, with BBL players owning unique powers emphasising their on-field ability.
Says Kim McConnie, head of Big Bash, Cricket Australia: "This season, more fans will be able to enjoy the fast-paced, non-stop BBL action than ever before, as the competition moves to a full home and away fixture.
"It's been a pleasure working with M&C Saatchi on such an exciting campaign and we look forward seeing the League of Heroes come to life.
"As we look forward to another blockbuster summer of Big Bash, we can't wait for fans to come and see their BBL heroes clash with their rivals in what will be a battle for the ages."
Says Josh Eaton, account director, M&C Saatchi, Melbourne: "BBL is the sports category leaders in family entertainment and this campaign reflects that. League of Heroes creates a platform to showcase the incredible sporting ability of BBL players while engaging fans on an entirely new level. Kids are going to love it."

The eighth season of the BBL will feature 59 matches across 61 days from December to February in what is expected to be one of the biggest seasons to date. To view the full fixture for the upcoming BBL|08 season, visit

Cricket Australia
Anthony Everard - Executive General Manager Events and Leagues
Kim McConnie - Head of Big Bash
Michael Fisher - Marketing Manager
Creative Agency: M&C Saatchi Melbourne
Managing Director: Andy Cairns
Chief Strategy Officer: Justin Graham
ECD: Emma Robbins
Senior Creatives: Jay Lazaro, Andy McInerney and Mathew Hine
Account Director: Josh Eaton
Account Manager: Kara Blair
Head of Integrated Production: Gene Kingi
Agency Producers: Jessica Norton and Tony Le
Production Company: The Directors Group
Producers:  Craig Griffin   
Directors:  Bill Irving
Post Production: Mr Fox
Editors - Andrew Stalph
Flame Artist - Felicity Stalph, Drew Moden
Grade - Edel Rafferty
Design VFX - Simon Bronson, Savva Tsekmes
Producers - Clare Lehner, Beck Read
Sound Design: Bang Bang Studios
Sound Designer: Tristan Dewey
Producers: Polly McGregor & Holli Dee
Music: Dmitri Golovko


is this 2001 said:

Everyone else has moved past players as "superheroes" this ad is about 15 years too late. let alone the production value that looks like it cost about $5...

Salt said:

Wow that first commenter needs some fries with his salt....Think about the target audience 'is this 2001'..Will they give a stuff about the prod values or derivative nature of these spots? No, they won't. Stick to ranting on 'Ain't it Cool'.

@is this 2001 said:

Seen the latest A-League spot from Saatchi's? 'Where Heroes are Made'...

RC said:

Looks ace Hammer!

@salt said:

poor production values are poor production values no matter how you try and spin it.

Uhhh said:

So 8 year old kids care about production values now? Changing world indeed.

Dropped the world cup said:

Just another example of why Australian advertising is flailing.
You’ve got a pretty decent prop ‘nonstop cricket’, and yet they land on a tired montage of highlights and crappy VFX. Seems like such a waste of money. May as well just let the TV stations do their own promos and keep your budget dry for something interesting. It’s just disappointing.

@uhhhh said:

You might not think so but I can tell you now your next client will, and along with 8 year old kids, they are not stupid.

cricket fan said:

How do you actually come up with something this awful?
Are you not cricket fans yourself?

'They way they hit'(?)

To the creatives, your middle peg has been cart wheeled.

So... said:

So production quality relates somehow to intellect? And 8 year olds give a shit about the difference between real and green screen footage enough to impact negatively on their decision to ask Mum to go to an cricket game? Interesting developments.

@So said:

So So, in the end why bother with the end result?? why not just cut a high lights real with a white super on the end??

What your saying is the client wasted their money and I but your bottom dollar that 8 year old ain't the only target market.

@@So said:

Easy. Ideas transcend production values.

Also: 'You're', 'Highlight', 'Reel', 'Bet'.

Raging thumb much?

@@@@Sooooo said:

See that's me point, at least we finally agree.

Oh dear said:

Nothing heroic about this. It’s the lamest thing I’ve seen this year.

Mozza said:

They should rename it the cheese bash!

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