G.J. Gardner Homes celebrates Darren Palmer collaboration in new campaign via Blunt Agency

kjrg77lw.jpegBlunt Agency has launched a new national campaign for G.J. Gardner Homes as they partner with one of Australia's most renowned and influential interior designers, Darren Palmer, for an exclusive 'Tailored' collaboration.

After recently launching the #MostTrusted campaign for G.J. Gardner Homes, Brent Nolan director of Blunt Agency says: "The "'Tailored' collaboration with Darren Palmer is a great way to strengthen G.J. Gardner Homes' design-driven position in the market. It enables franchisees to offer the highest level of design in their products, regardless of their individual design knowledge, while providing the #MostTrusted level of local service the G.J. Gardner Homes brand are known for."

Blunt Agency developed the Tailored brand as a partnership platform for G.J. Gardner Homes, enabling influential designers to work in collaboration with G.J to 'tailor' unique designs and experiences for customers.

With reference to interior design moodboarding and texture display trends, the campaign appeals to the design-driven customer as well those with a keen eye for contemporary styling. 'Tailored' represents the nature of sophistication with the understanding that tailored products are created by the best craftsmen with strong connection to the luxury market. The more premium the product the more 'tailored' the experience. The campaign speaks to the customer in a personal way - 'we have tailored this for you'. It directly relates to the relationship you would expect from a trusted local.

The Tailored TVCs featuring Palmer himself are inspired by social influencer videos, allowing Palmer to speak directly to the audience in a personable, relatable manner. The honest, transparent format carefully aligns Palmer's personal design ethos with the G.J. #MostTrusted position.

Blunt Agency are responsible for brand and creative for the franchise group.

Says Nolan: "We are incredibly proud of the work we've been doing with G.J. Gardner Homes over the past few years, but more importantly the results we're achieving for the group."

G.J. Gardner Homes has continued their climb up the 'HIA Australia's Largest Builder' list, moving from 7th up to 5th largest detached home builders in Australia 2017/18.

Agency: Blunt Agency
Marketing Manager: Aaron Ng / Primal Agency
TVC Production: DS2
PR: IgnitePR


Brave said:

Choosing to PR this on a Friday afternoon?

Phil said:

Hi guys, Phil here again.... together with DJ Gardner Homes Blunt Agency have come up with a campaign that make watching paint dry seem way more interesting.

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