Optus launches new network campaign 'Both is Better' via 72andSunny, Sydney and Yes Agency

Screen Shot 2018-10-25 at 9.23.14 am.jpgOptus has launched the first instalment of its new network campaign via 72andSunny Sydney, reminding Australians that they shouldn't have to make a choice between great coverage and great value. With Optus, they can have both.

Brought to life by award-winning Australian director Steve Rogers, the first film in the campaign, "Chip Shop", centres on a man who confronts another choice that's divided Australians for decades: choosing between regular or chicken salt.

Says Melissa Hopkins, head of marketing, Optus: "The campaign is in response to research which found some mobile users felt trapped paying more than they should for great coverage, or are underwhelmed by the network experience that typically comes with competitively priced plans.

"We are simply reminding customers they don't need to choose: they can have a premium network with extensive coverage and excellent value plans with Optus.

"In the past three years Optus has invested more than $5 billion in our network to improve coverage, capacity and speed. This financial year we will invest an additional $1.4 billion.

"Steve and 72andSunny Sydney have done a great job bringing this campaign to life and I am incredibly proud of the final product - it's fresh, honest and disciplined and I know it will resonate with many Australians."

The first phase of the campaign also includes print and outdoor executions that bring to life Optus' focus on delivering customers great value plans on a premium network. The second instalment of the campaign will launch soon.

Creative Agency: 72andSunny Sydney
Production Company: Revolver/Will O'Rourke
Director: Steve Rogers
Sound Post: Stuart St Vincent Welch / Nylon Studios
Research Agency: Forward Scout
Media Agency: UM
Design Agency: Yes Agency


qt3.14 said:

No creatives credited? I wonder why...

Reader said:

Refreshing. Love it.

Thuglife said:

But the network is shit. Cant get coverage in Lane Cove

Utilising the network .. said:

Steve Rogers .. for this ?

Floptus said:

I just watched airtasker and then bingo the same ad. Just a bit worse.

Lame said:

This is lame.

Atypical commenter said:

These negative comments are so typical of CB's comment section - absolutely lacking in any comments of substance. "Wahh this is lame", "Blah this has been done before". blah blah.

It's nice to see an inoffensive and simple execution that looks and feels nice for a change.

Atypical commenter said:

"Did have a LOL at Floptus tho"

Well.... said:

I like it
Good cut through
A bit cheeky

Good said:

Positives: It doesn't have Cuba Gooding jr in it. It doesn't have Bolt in it. Emotive didn't do it so it's actually kinda funny.
It is very different from the shite that Telstra are putting out and it makes me like the brand as it doesn't take itself too seriously - unlike 99% of big brands in Australia.
It gets across 2 benefits in 1 in a simple non-shouty way.

Negatives: Feels un Optus, but f this is the new Optus brand then I like it.

Looks like 72 and Micah are the ones to watch.

No goal - said:

Yeah- you have a choice - if you want the shittest network of all
Which will rip you off left right and centre, you’ll go Optus.
Even shitter if you are trying to watch World Cup footy - the greatest
Fuck up in Australians telcos ever. Positioning yourself as the middle child is a weird
strategy - and let’s face it, it’s optimistic of them to think they can live up to second place.

Gloomy said:

Come on, that is just bad.

Unhinged whinger said:

I would argue anyone who doesn't like this ad has either:
a. Never had anything significant ever made or
b. Has a rather small penis / boob set or
c. Is a suit / planner / digital transformation fingerer

Funny. Simple. Not award winning but fucking good.

Keep it up.

Good said:

I like it. A bit weird, a bit silly but undoubtably memorable. And thank god for keeping it simple👍

Details said:

14 comments... but only 10 views of the unlisted Youtube video.

Says all that needs to be said about Campaign Brief comments, doesn't it.

Oh no said:

Can we talk about how this has no idea, just a weird execution.

And the client buys it and says, "I love it! So funny" and then they do testing 3 months later and it completely bombs because respondents say they don't like the look on the woman's face and how it feels like its making fun of the man or they don't get it and then suddenly the client leaves and goes back to doing what they did for the past 10 years with their old agency, and then it happens on all the accounts and suddenly the agency goes into a nosedive like the Monkeys and Mojo because they believed the emperor's new clothes of weird executions with no insightful idea.

Can't win them all said:

Really nice, great execution. Not everything needs a big Idea somethings just need to be subtly tactical.

i said:

snort laughed a tiny bit

...there should be more of them though.

No agency said:

Soooo, if the idea is from 72, media UM and production revolver, wtf does yes agency actually do and why are they credited?

Sally dew said:

Lacks any strategic insight and just plain weird

The Boss said:

Isn't this just Airtasker's 'Like a Boss' campaign without the dubstep?

Still kinda funny though. Good casting.

@Bit Close said:

Yes. It does feel similar. Although the Nextel ad had an idea that made sense.

ugh said:


Cannes said:


Here we go again said:

Another ad where people break into dance.
How many times have we seen this now?

Time to move on people.

Yawn said:

I expected more from the 72 brand.

Hilarious said:

Who is the guy dancing? He's hilarious!

Can't have been easy said:

.. to get this through a behemoth like Optus.

It made me laugh. It was simple. It's well produced. Does the job for the regular punter - the 99% of the population that doesn't work in an ad agency.

Ad watcher said:

That woman dancing cracks me up. She is hysterical. Love it.

Pezza said:

Is this Optus getting back at Airtasker for the Like a Boss adds
mmmm .....I just wonder?

Ash said:

Please stop this advertisement. Very offending.

Nat said:

An uncomfortable atmosphere, people that all seem genuinely miserable, and a guy that wants a dash of chicken salt but watered down with regular salt because heaven forbid his chips have too much Australian chicken salt flavour

"Both" in the context of the ad's chip salting question isn't getting everything, chicken salt already plain salt with the addition of flavour, it's a weak tea option - I am genuinely puzzled how anyone could think this ad is suggestive of a positive.

Hard tasker said:

Who care what it's advertising? It's bloody hilarious and Australian to boot. Thanks for making me laugh.

Moi said:

The music is the hero in this one! Nice work Nylon.

Beth Harvey said:

I can’t help but giggle when I watch this.
When it’s on I always stop and watch it lol
Everyone knows someone who dances like this
“Not me”
Lighten up people

Christine Ellison said:

Love this ad - the ad, not Optus. I can’t get reception at Miami. Trying find what year it was made.

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