PSYOP joins Sedona Productions for representation in Australia + New Zealand

1.LG_HERO.jpgPsyop has joined Sedona Productions for representation in Australia and New Zealand.

Known for their ability to invent new visual languages and create immersive worlds, Psyop is renowned for crafting award-winning films for brands and agencies which blur the line between entertainment and advertising.

With a company motto to Persuade, Change and Influence, Psyop has collaborated with some of the top global brands including Coca Cola, Adidas, LG, Airbnb, Apple, Samsung, and Aldi. Since its inception in 2000, Psyop was noted by Ad Age as 'the Pixar of the spots world' having received numerous accolades including Emmy's, Oscar nominations, D&AD, Art Director's Club, The One Show, AICP and Cannes Lions. With many of their projects reaching the masses, with over a billion YouTube views for the insanely popular Clash of the Clans series, led by Australian director Fletcher Moules.
3.CRUMPETS.jpgSays Kim Wildenburg, EP, Sedona: "Having worked with the fine folks at Psyop for almost 6 years, I've experienced firsthand their extraordinary quality of craft and enthusiasm to5.APPLE_kk_07.jpg collaborate. Their unique approach to creative storytelling is very much in sync with Sedona's ethos and I couldn't be more thrilled to be partnering up with them once again."

With a newly combined roster with Blacklist which includes over twenty five directors specialising in whimsical live action, design and animation direction, through to innovative tech projects produced in The Lab, featuring augmented reality, virtual reality and gaming experiences.

Says Neysa Horsburgh, managing director, Psyop: "Kim is Psyop family.  She was a big part of the growth in our West Coast office.  Not only did she have a passion for creative, she tackled each job with enthusiasm cementing her rapport amongst our directors, artists and EPs.  She understands the importance of our craft and our business model well.  It felt like a natural fit for Psyop to reunite with her at Sedona!"

For director inquiries, please contact Kim Wildenburg on (02) 8379 1202 or at

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