Sydney Airport Parking launches mockumentary series with Bondi Hipsters via PHD Sydney

20180906_SydneyAirportParking-18 (2).jpgLed by PHD's Content vision, Sydney Airport has launched a new branded mocumentary series featuring the Bondi Hipsters to promote the airport's parking products and services.

Inspired by the UK TV series 'Come Fly With Me', the four-part online series, Sydney Airport Parking, is a mock-documentary about Sydney Airport's car parks. It centers around two 'employees', Keith and Brent, whose daily tasks involve many varied duties for Sydney Airport Parking.

The video series is a response to a brief by Sydney Airport to increase customer engagement in a competitive market. The activity is designed to shift consumer sentiment, increase product awareness and humanise the brand. PHD worked with the media team to ensure parking at Sydney Airport would be the option of choice when customers are conducting their travel research.

This is the first time Sydney Airport has used video content marketing to build personality around one of its brands. This approach provided an opportunity to be progressive and courageous by using a healthy dose of self-deprecating, irreverent humour.

Says Christian Heath, director, PHD Content and Partnerships: "Parking can be a dry subject and we wanted to bring the brand to life with a comedic through-the-line campaign. People rarely see the 'human' face of Sydney Airport Parking. It takes courage for a client to not take themselves too seriously and show the ability to laugh at oneself. We believe the Bondi Hipsters are the perfect vehicle to make this happen."

The four content pieces will be amplified through social, alongside six second drivers which will all direct people to a Keith and Brent Facebook profile page run by the characters themselves. Unique to this campaign, every visitor to the Facebook page will be able to interact with both characters in real life, ask questions and get the low-down on the best discounted parking deals available at the airport.

Says Craig Norton, general manager, landside operations and transport, Sydney Airport: "This is a new approach for our parking business. It's an exciting and refreshing take on what can be a challenging subject.

"The original concept was formed around meeting the team at Sydney Airport Parking and getting a behind-the-scenes look at what goes on in our car parks every day. Keith and Brent do a fantastic job of showing viewers just what daily life is like at Sydney Airport's car parks, and we're looking forward to seeing how audiences interact with them."  

PHD Content and Partnerships Director - Christian Heath
Senior Digital Manager - Sophie Ellis
Social Director - Dora Yu
Social Manager - Sam Sommers
Sydney Airport - Simon Lloyd, Marketing and Communications manager, Landside Operations and Transport


ian said:

'A brief by Sydney Airport to increase customer engagement in a competitive market.'
What's competitive about parking at Sydney airport. One of the biggest abuses of monopoly power in australia.

Come clean said:

"Inspired by...' = 'Total and unashamed theft'. Please just say it as it is, and give the victim his 15mins of flattery by admitting your imitation.

@ian said:

Google parking Sydney airport

Money said:

Is there anything that the Bondi Hipsters won’t do for 💰 cash?
Mind you, it’s better than that dull Qantus doc

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