The 40th AWARD Awards launches with 'Turn Hate Into Gold' CFE campaign via Host/Havas

THIG 900x430.jpgThe 40th Australasian Writers and Art Directors Association (AWARD) Awards today opens for entries.

New categories have been included this year to highlight and celebrate work that betters the world by addressing issues of inequality as well as a new Craft in Advertising category recognising craft in experiential advertising.

Early bird discount of 10% ends 5pm Monday 29th October, with all entries closing on Friday 30th November.

Late entries will be accepted up until Monday 10th December, though a late fee will apply.

This year's creative campaign, 'Turn Hate Into Gold' was completed by last year's AWARD Agency of the Year, Host/Havas with Visual State, The Editors and Song Zu. It focuses on how all the frustrations, irritations and pains (big and small) that we face on a daily basis can be used as inspirational fuel to create something brilliant and, ultimately AWARD-winning.

Says Mike Spirkovski, chair, AWARD: "Over the years creative departments around the country (and the world) have had their ideas and themselves battered to death by a daily onslaught of challenges. At times it seems impossible to make great work, but somehow through all the agony, frustrations and hate, brilliant ideas prevail. This year's Award Call for Entries campaign developed by Host/Havas is a great reflection of a day in the life of Adland and what it takes to win at AWARD."

AWARD pencils.jpgAWARD will be celebrating its 40th anniversary with various celebrations to mark the occasion to be announced in 2019.

Australia's preeminent awards ceremony recognising the finest creative minds from Australia, New Zealand and South East Asia AWARD will be accepting work completed within the eligibility period of 1st January 2018 - 31st December 2018.

For more information and to submit your entries, please visit


Old CD Guy said:

Same idea as MADC, just executed poorly. Pretty much sums up AWARD

Previously, at AWARD said:

"Let's give a solid gold pencil worth $10k"

"Erm. Why?"


"What would any agency even do with it? They couldn't have it on display anywhere. Isn't this a massive waste of money. Could we not do something more constructive, noble, or even a bit interesting with it?"

"Look, we're doing the solid gold pencil thing, ok, get on board with it"

younger CD guy said:

You seem so sad old CD guy. Try a colonic irrigation and a high fibre diet, it really does help.

Young Seedy Guy said:

@younger CD guy
he is right tho...

Same old said:

Just plays into the cliche of the moany creative. Aren't we better than this?

Compare the pair said:

Award’s whingey whiney Sing Song vs MADC’s Meet Grant parody.

Syd vs Melb rivalry is back!

LAME said:

Decided by a LAME committee too. I'm moving to Melbourne. This is just so Sydney. Such navel gazers.

C&orP said:

@ Old CD Guy

What are you on about? MADC is about original is best, this is about taking all the shit stuff and using it as fuel. It’s different. You are slipping.

@old CD guy said:

It even pays tribute to your painful commentary and average old advice. Surely you’d get the message by now Grey Nomad.

D.D.W. said:

oh dear old CD guy...early onset dementia must be setting in.

@lame said:

Ha, you might want to look at who’s on the committee.
Also not sure melbourne would take your average perspective...apparently it’s so Sydney!

@@Lame said:

Sit down committee member and show me your global awards? AWARD is an embarrassment these days. Hang your head in shame.

Ideas have gone the way of the toilet said:

It's no 'expect jealousy'. But hey, it's um, great for this half of this decade I guess.

Can't believe ideas were better in the noughties, even early tens, but hey. Um yep.

I'll sign your pledge.

Same strategy, better creatives said:

Young Guns, Worth the pain:

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