Bendigo Bank positions itself as 'the better big bank' in new campaign via AJF Partnership

Bendigo Bank1.jpgThe Better Big Bank campaign from AJF Partnership presents Bendigo Bank as a better alternative to the big four banks.

As Australia's fifth biggest retail bank, Australia's most trusted bank and among Australia's top
ten most trusted brands, Bendigo Bank is snapping at the heels of the big four.

Building on the Bank's existing strengths around banking solutions, innovation and price competitiveness, The Better Big Bank campaign encourages customers of the big four banks to seek a better banking alternative by highlighting Bendigo Bank's superior trust and customer satisfaction ratings and track record of putting the interests of customers first.

Bendigo 11[8].jpgSays Andrew Twaits, executive, customer and partner engagement, Bendigo Bank: "The big four banks dominate the market for financial services and this is largely because 70 percent of their customers think that no other bank can meet their needs.

"This is plainly wrong - at least as far as Bendigo Bank is concerned - so we're running a campaign to set the record straight.

"The better big bank campaign has two aims: to educate people about the strength of Bendigo Bank's product offering and price competitiveness; and to remind people that we beat the big four on trust, customer service and putting the interests of customers first."

Says Andrew Foote, founding partner and executive creative director, AJF Partnership: "Bendigo Bank is known and loved for the support it provides to customers and communities all over Australia.

PR_PIC_BENDIGO.jpg"Its position as a real contender to the big four - based on its core banking capabilities - is arguably one of banking's best-kept secrets. The Better Big Bank campaign gives prospective customers compelling reasons to consider banking with Australia's most trusted bank."

The Better Big Bank campaign includes a number of phases, launching with a focus on repositioning Bendigo Bank's brand around capability, scale and trust, followed by a focus on key banking products.

The multi-channel campaign will run across all channels and will be supported by a strong customer- facing staff commitment to the Bank's customer value proposition.

Client: Bendigo Bank
Agency: AJF Partnership, a GrowthOps business
Executive Creative Director: Andrew Foote
Creative Director: Glenn Dalton
Senior Art Director: Dillon McKenna
Senior Copywriter: Sandra Galiazzo
General Manager: Jayne Brady
Senior Account Director: Sarah Dalli
Account Manager: Emily Howat
TV Production: Liesel Haug
Strategy: Jacqueline Witts, Christine O'Keefe
Animation: XYZ Studios
Music: Otis Studios


Ummm said:

It's an explainer video that every startup creates as cheap as possible.. Move along, nothing to see here.

@Ummm said:

Exactly what I thought watching it as well. Could've got the same output with 2 grand and a brief on Upwork. Something tells me AJF charged a bit more than that.

AMEX said:

This doesn't look familiar at all...

Motionlab said:

Sweet animation! Great work XYZ.

Jacko said:

I bet you AJF bank with one of the big four ... what you say??

Not suprised. said:

Oh look. It's the client talking to themselves again.

Nice sentiment said:

And I really like the line.

Better is not better but clients love it said:

For quick brand positioning:

Add “better” to the name of the category.

A better way to bank.
A better way to drive.
A better way to breakfast.
A better way to insure.
A better energy solution.

Urgh. $100k thanks.

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