DDB Melbourne lures Anthony Moss from whiteGREY for executive creative director role

Screen Shot 2018-11-29 at 8.17.38 am.jpgDDB Melbourne has snared Anthony Moss from whiteGREY Melbourne for the role of ECD filling the void left by Stu Turner who has left the agency after one year to return to South Africa.

Moss first joined whiteGREY Melbourne (previously Grey Group Melbourne) as ECD in February last year from CHE Proximity. Prior to this he spent time at Clemenger BBDO Melbourne, after spending six years in the US at Crispin Porter + Bogusky and Gotham Inc.

He started his career at Saatchi & Saatchi, Sydney, over 20 years ago and his globally awarded campaigns span every category and features clients from American Express to AustralianSuper, Bonds to Burger King, Latitude to Lexus, Mercedes Benz to Microsoft and Telstra to Tooheys.
Says Kate Sterling, group managing director, DDB Melbourne: "We're thrilled to finally announce that Anthony (Mossy) will be joining us as Group ECD in the new year. Mossy will come onboard to lead a creative team across DDB, TRACK and Mango.

"The calibre and diversity of his experience is exceptional and on top of that he's probably one of the most loved and respected creatives in the business.

"Whilst we were sad to see Stu go, we completely understand his reason to head back home to be closer with his family.

"We were fortunate that Stu gave us plenty of notice to properly mine the market and find someone who can deliver on the growing remit of work and inspire true creativity across the entire agency.

"We're super excited about the what lies ahead."

Says Lee Simpson, CEO, whiteGREY: "While we are disappointed Mossy is leaving, he leaves a legacy of a talented department and strong work. His hard work has enhanced the creative offering in the Melbourne office and the output reflects our capabilities in creativity and technology. This approach will remain a strength of the whiteGREY team and we thank him for his commitment.  He's a great bloke, and will no doubt be a success in his next career move.  We wish him all the very best for the future."
Moss will continue in his role until January 22, 2019 and will continue to work alongside national ECD Chad Mackenzie throughout the transition period.  The search for a new ECD is underway and an announcement about a new appointment will be made in due course.


DDBOOM said:

Great hire DDB. And great move Mossy. A nicer bloke who can also make ads you will not find.

DDBUST said:

Desparate times.
Jumping from one sinking ship to another

Hardly sinking.. said:

I dont work at either agency, but hasnt DDB Melbourne just won 3 accounts in 3 months? And i hear Lee Simpson at WhiteGrey is doing great things also?

@DDBUST said:

How bitter are you mate?

DDBUST said:

Also, i'm a massive douchebag who's insecure about my own failing career. My comment was actually a massive cry for help.

Well played said:

Nice one Mossy. Top bloke and a great brain.

Oracle said:

Well done to both Mossy and DDB - Mossy is a bloody legend. It’s a definite loss for Grey, but they are in good hands and on a winning streak. Win win for everyone.

Tobes said:

Nice one Mossy. Congrats!

Father Time said:

It gladdens the heart of an old-timer when the kid who used to stock the fridge in the creative department makes the leap to ECD.

Marshy said:

On ya Mossy. Onwards and upwards :)

DC said:

Nice one Mossman. Great hire DDB.

Dominator said:

One of the nicest guys I’ve ever met, let alone worked one. A major talent too. Congrats Mossy.

Congratulations said:

Good news. Mossy is a great creative leader and creative himself. An astute hire from DDB, Mossy is one of the new breed.

Congratulations to Anthony said:

Who will make work at WhiteGrey now?

SV said:

Fantastic news Mossy and DDB - a savvy appointment of a deserving and smart bloke 👍

Britney Spears said:

A few beers tomorrow then Mossy?

Steve Jackson said:

Nice one Mossy!

Wow said:

What’s going on? First Claudia, now Mossy. They were an awesome team to work with. Smart, hard-working and caring. Both a huge loss for Grey.

The sound of bubbles as the ship sinks. said:

He was whiteGREY Australia's last hope.

Dtrain said:

Ark Ark. That's dolphin talk for bravo buddy.

Mad Dog said:

Moss has given me a great platfrom to continue my career. If I had a girlfriend - which I might soon - I would still love him more.

ES said:

What great news ... Congratulations Mossy. You are one of the nicest guys in the industry and no doubt will do great things at DDB ... as you have doe at White Grey. The new wave is the old wave now!

Sorry about that said:

Sooooooo a few tears for fears tomorrow ey!!!

WhiteGrey said:

Love the comment in this thread that our CEO posted. But it’s fooling nobody. Our MD has left and now our ECD. No prizes for guessing why. What a joker

Shambles said:

Grey is such a mess right now. A leader who is in a position way beyond his capability. And staff who are running for the hills. Expect the agency to be folded into another WPP shop imminently. We’re it not for a conflict or two, it would have happened last year.

Internal said:

I hear that Katie Firth from TBWA is going to take on the MD role in Melb. Good luck this place is sinking fast - hopefully it’s still above waterline when you arrive!!

pez said:

Well done Mossy, all the best. Whoopi and Gatling Gun would be proud.

DDBoom shaka laka said:

Slam dunks left right and center for the one and only Mossy. Couldn't hire a better bloke if they wanted to. You will be missed. 100%.

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