Farmers show off their dance moves in Weis' new 'Hello Sunshine' ads via Clemenger Brisbane

Screen Shot 2018-11-05 at 1.45.24 pm.jpgWeis and Clemenger Brisbane have launched a new brand platform for iconic Aussie ice cream Weis, celebrating the little ray of sunshine in each bite of Weis.

The campaign was shot in Townsville at the farm of Sam, Josie and Alf Pappalardo, who've been supplying Kensington Pride mangoes to Weis for over 18 years.

It also featured a few local farmers who were more than happy to show off their dance moves.

Cristian Staal, creative director at Clemenger Brisbane, said the idea was inspired by real stories and videos of farmers dancing along to the radio while they work.

Says Staal: "Farmers can really dance like no one's watching, because no one is. Except a few cows maybe."

He said that the team went out of their way to ensure the production was as authentic as possible: "Weis is all about real. Real fruit, real flavour, real quality. If we were genuine in our approach, we knew it would shine through in the work."

Erin Core, strategy director at Clemenger, said the 'Hello Sunshine' platform was built out of the product itself.

Says Core: "Weis just makes you feel good. The quality of the ingredients and taste experience is second to none. You get a buzz, a feeling of brightness with every bite.

"It doesn't take much to bring out our joyful sides when we just let go a little."

'Hello Sunshine' is the first campaign from Weis since it was bought by Unilever in 2017. The products remain unchanged - still made locally in Toowoomba, and still using real fruit and dairy.

Caitlin Filmer, Weis brand manager, said she's incredibly proud to bring the heart and soul of Weis to the forefront in the new campaign: "The farmers are the real heroes behind Weis, and we're privileged to work with such great suppliers who are passionate about their produce.

"You know it's summer when millions of juicy mangoes arrive at our factory door, fresh from the farms for pulping."

The 'Hello Sunshine' campaign features the classic track 'April Sun in Cuba' by Dragon, and will run across TV, social and outdoor throughout summer.

Weis: Caitlin Filmer, Jana Karatasas, Paul Connell, Paul Newton
Creative Agency: Clemenger Brisbane
Media Agency: PHD Worldwide, Sydney
Director: Jonas McQuiggin, Two Little Indians
Post Production: Cutting Edge


Sell product or win awards said:

Sell product

OMG said:

This is truly appalling

Phil said:

This is why you don't use people who just happen to work there. You cast someone who looks like they work there but can dance badly.

Ha Ha said:

Itz funne when teh shake der butt

Rich, Clems said:

I very much like Hello Sunshine.
Well done kids.

Sue said:

I love this ad

Shame said:

"You know it's summer when millions of juicy mangoes arrive at our factory door, fresh from the farms for pulping." - even that sounds like a more interesting than this.

Nice line, turd execution.

Guys guys guys said:

Who’s got my Lurzers Archive

Angry Dragon said:

You can have a refund.

Please take our track of your shite ad with shite dancing.

Tortured said:

Oh dear!!

Craigen said:

What's wrong with enjoying the ad for what it is...a bit of fun to brighten things up...i sure like it

Pip said:

I cringe every time I see the old man dance!

Sue said:

Love the ad. Brought a smile and memories of an old friend. So natural

Chezza said:

I love this ad and particularly the guy dancing. It's a breath of fresh air to see people acting naturally.

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