French designer and animator Baptiste Rouleau joins Jumbla animation studios in Melbourne

baptise PR shot.jpgJumbla Studios has added some fresh talent to its large roster of animators.

It comes in the form of a bearded, dreadlocked and multi-talented Baptiste Rouleau. The French-born citizen-of-the-world was quickly snapped up by Jumbla's head of production Steve Bradshaw after he applied for some freelance work.

Says Bradshaw: "We liked his reel, his CV and his lookbook. He came in for two weeks and is now on staff, full time."
It turns out Rouleau is proficient in just about everything they do at Jumbla. 2D, 3D, Cinema 4D - there's even a bit of VFX experience in his background.

Rouleau said he particularly liked the way he had been integrated into the team: "Together, we can pretty much do anything. Here, you think about the software you know and think 'I know a way of doing this' and they say, 'Go for it."

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