Macca's celebrates its '30 days, 30 deals' promo with iconic Big Mac Sydney Tower projection

Screen Shot 2018-11-06 at 9.10.21 am.jpgMcDonald's Australia has transformed Westfield Sydney Tower by projecting a Big Mac pictogram onto it, turning one global icon into another in a new campaign via OMD Create.

The projection which sits 268 metres above the city, marked Macca's launching 30 days of mouth-watering deals throughout November via the mymacca's app and the very first offer, the Big Mac for only $2.

Says Jo Feeney, marketing director, McDonald's Australia: "It's no secret Aussies love a Big Mac. So we thought we'd celebrate the very first November deal, Big Macs for only $2, with a larger-than-life projection of the iconic burger onto the famous Westfield Sydney Tower."
Screen Shot 2018-11-06 at 9.10.13 am.jpgSays Sophie Walsh, director, partnerships and experience, OMD Create: "This has been a really exciting project that has required a huge amount of collaboration with a number of agencies and external partners, as well as a willing client who instilled a huge amount of trust to get this project over the line. It's not every day you have the opportunity to transform the golden turret of Sydney tower into an artist's impression of a Big Mac. We're thrilled we could make this happen to celebrate the launch of Macca's 30 days, 30 deals".

Not-to-be missed daily offers include a Large Sundae for only $1, $1.50 for a Chicken and Cheese, $8 for a 24 pack of Chicken McNuggets and $1 Large Fries, plus many more.

The 30-days of deals offer will be available through the mymacca's app to new and existing users and can be redeemed in restaurants nationwide. The mymacca's app is available for download on iOS via the Apple App Store and Android via Google Play.


Everest said:

What a fucking outrage! Next you'll want to project horse racing advertising on The Opera House sails.


Ronald said:

Looks crap, what was the point in that? waste of money

yay said:

love it

@Ronald said:

Agree 100%

Phil said:

Nice idea, terrible execution. Looks nothing like a burger.

McLame said:

McDonalds marketing department think projecting a Big Mac onto a building makes for a “creative” idea. Your consumers aren’t as stupid as you think.

Wow said:

So bad.

Ron Draper said:

How didn't you call this a Big Mactivation

Honest said:

Just because you can, doesn't mean you should.

Into it said:

The bogans will love it - @mclame - Anyone who consumes McDonald’s are as stupid as we think .. so it will work.

Brainstorm said:

Wonder how many ‘real’ people actually noticed it. Good on them for selling in the last idea in a unedited deck of an overlong brainstorm though. Maccas have more money than sense it would seeem.

noice said:

yh it looks hella toit but the horse racing advertisements on the opera house sails were even cooler so go burn all ur crusty ass opinions and pull ur heads out of your asses.

Brenna said:

Love it

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