NRMA Insurance drives home Christmas safety in its magical new campaign via The Monkeys

Screen Shot 2018-11-12 at 9.53.27 am.jpgNRMA Insurance has released the next instalment of its annual Christmas campaign, asking drivers to take extra care on our roads during the most hectic time of the year via The Monkeys, part of Accenture Interactive.

Titled 'Don't Drive Naughty, Drive Nice', this year's campaign harnesses the power of our kids in the back seat to remind us what Christmas time is really about - them.

Says Sally Kiernan, marketing director, NRMA: "We know that Christmas is a time of the year when the importance of family is heightened, bringing with it a spirit of togetherness and connection. It is also one of the busiest periods on our roads so it's more important than ever to 'Drive Nice'."

Screen Shot 2018-11-12 at 9.56.45 am.jpgSays Scott Nowell, cofounder and group chief creative officer, The Monkeys: "Christmas holidays are a joyous time, but there's immense stress around finishing work and getting the familyScreen Shot 2018-11-12 at 9.56.55 am.jpg on the road. NRMA Insurance wants to make sure that Australians are driving safe, bringing to light what is most important - family."

The integrated campaign kicks off with a film directed by Marc Forster, who recently released HollywoodScreen Shot 2018-11-12 at 9.57.21 am.jpg movie Christopher Robin, telling the story of a young girl who must find a way to get her stressed out dad toScreen Shot 2018-11-12 at 9.57.31 am.jpg drive nice, before it's too late.
To reinforce this message while on the road, kids from around New South Wales and Queensland were asked to show us why adults should 'drive nice', with their answers becoming the hero outScreen Shot 2018-11-12 at 9.57.08 am.jpg of home advertising creative.
On radio a group of kids adapted the drive nice message to the tune of famous Christmas carols; across mobile, a Facebook augmented reality camera effect has been created that allows viewers to look like the brand film's hero toy bunny and share the Don't Drive Naughty, Drive Nice message.
The campaign is also supported by a podcast platform titled 'Are We There Yet?' that includes Australian celebrities reading beloved stories.
This is the third major piece of work created for the NRMA Insurance brand in partnership with The Monkeys, part of Accenture Interactive.

Client: IAG
Brand: NRMA Insurance
Chief Marketing Officer: Brent Smart
NRMA Marketing Director: Sally Kiernan
Creative & Innovation lead: Elizabeth Stokes
Creative & Innovation specialist: Danielle Picker
Content Director: Zara Curtis
Social Mead Lead: Gerry Avalos
Creative & Content Development lead: Simeon Bartholomew
Integrated Content Producer: Vanessa Buckley

Creative Agency: The Monkeys
Cofounder & Group Chief Creative Officer: Scott Nowell
Cofounder & Group CEO: Mark Green
Managing Director: Matt Michael
Chief Strategic Officer: Fabio Buresti
Executive Creative Director: Vince Lagana
Creative Director: Ben Sampson
Innovations Director: Jay Morgan
Art Director: Tessa Chong
Copywriter: Max Rapley
Planning Director: Michael Hogg
Strategic Planner: Charlotte Marshall
Business Director: Humphrey Taylor
Group Content Director: Katie Wong-Hee
Content Manager: Katherine Kennedy   
Content Manager: Sophie Finckh
Head of Production: Thea Carone
Senior Broadcast Producer: Jade Rodriguez
Senior Integrated Producer: Sonia Eberington
Digital Producer: Tamara Wohl
Producer: Tanith Williamson
Producer: Alex Watson
Digital Design Lead: Eva Goodney
Designer: Laura Ives  
Digital Designer: Lauren Elliott
Designer/Finished Artist: Lucinda Hansen
Front End Developer: Han Lee

Production Company: Exit Films & Tool of Nth America
Director: Marc Forster
Tool EP: Brad Johns
Tool Producer: Lee Trask
Exit EP: Leah Churchill-Brown
Exit Producer: Karen Sproul
DOP: Ginny Loane

AR Camera Effects Production: Alt. VFX

Post Production: The Editors
Editor: Alexandre De Franceschi
Producer: Nicoletta Rousianos
Animation: Framestore LA
VFX Supervisor: Michael Ralla
Post Producer: Rachel Mariscal Creasey

Sound Design: Song Zu
Engineer: Simon Kane
Producer: Katrina Aquilia

Music Composition: Elliot Wheeler @ Turning Studios


Tom said:

Saw it last night. Powerful and sweet. Nice.

Nice said:

Good stuff monkeys

Dad said:

As a parent I can relate to this. Great timely message. Beautifully done.

Warm and fuzzy said:

Awww. Nicely done

THAT said:

is nice.

BL said:

Very Impressive! Hard genre to pull off and its been executed perfectly.

One sober monkey said:

Well done. Had overtures of John Lewis, but in a good way. Can we please cut the list of creative credits on the ad. I'd like to know who actually conceived it...not who was in Sydney when it all know, like the creative team and CD. So I'm guessing that it was: Tessa Chong and Max Rapley who did most of the work overseen by Ben Sampson. All the other creative credits should be deleted. Seriously guys, we don't need a family tree of credits. 'Nuff said.

@one sober monkey said:

Creativity is about collaboration and great creative cultures are inclusive and supportive. Everyone played a part in getting this made. And if you don't want to see everyones name, then look away.

S&S said:

Ours was heaps better.

It didn't even need an idea.

John Lewis? said:

Ok Monkeys commenters, back to work.

You're kidding yourselves if you think this has any of the magic of John Lewis.

Bill Murray said:

Groundhog Day.

'Don't drive angry.'

(You think we don't know?)

Jacinta said:

very very average

and once again promotes dangerous driving with toys flying through cars

Fan said:

Beautiful brand work

tws said:

Daddy's a twat

Bunny said:

@jacinta did you watch the whole thing? It’s about PREVENTING dangerous driving.
Also credit where credit’s due - I turned off the damn phone and saved Christmas!

@Bunny said:

Were you watching the road as you sent that twice?

Ems said:

Strategically and creatively smart. A beautifully sweet film.
I've seen the OOH out and about too. Love the messages from the kids.

Sama said:

It definitely has that sweet smell of Marc Forster. Nice work Monkeys.

Poor said:

This is really ordinary.

The Aldi Christmas spot makes this look like a lame insurance ad.

Bek said:

@Poor, each to their own. I find the NRMA ad a lot more engaging than Aldi. It has a stronger message. As a parent it will make me think twice about tinkering with my phone when driving while the Aldi ad won't stop me from shopping at my local Woolies.
Come to think of it, what is the idea in the Aldi ad?

What a load of Dross said:

This is so borrowed it’s not funny. Give Kalvin and Hobbes their credit. Woeful casting too. The dad is a prick even when he’s not supposed to be. Come on CMO. Push your team to get above average. They’ve definitely cashed out.

Eugene said:

Extraordinary. The Monkeys nail it again. They have the magic creative gold dust.
If you go off comments on CB there is only one creative shop in town!
Oh sorry that’s a mistake, there is two - The Monkeys Sydney & The Monkeys Melbourne.
Like a fine bottle of wine or whisky they keep getting better with age.

MoneyPenny said:

They got a James Bond director to direct this? Aaaahahahahaha

Love it said:

The outdoor is an exceptional extension. Cant say Ive ever seen that done before and its powerful.

I like the TVC too. To the Scrooges: Santa aint coming to you this year. Hating for the sake of it. Boring.

Well done Monkeys.

myxomatosis said:

staff posters please stop drinking the cool aid as this is a dead set stinker, right down to the dodgy and illegible logo lockup.
is this what its come to, guilting parents with a corny animated bunny FFS?!
Also surprised they think a projectile from the back seat is somehow safer than a phone...

Adgal said:

Never mind the haters. This is an important message to be spreading at Christmas time. Well done on a sweet and moving commercial.

Work for the competition said:

I wonder if any of the haters have made anything in the last twelve months or sat through a creative presentation?

If you haven't, most clients stare at their phones or laptops while you present round 14 of insightful, fresh creative that with some imagination would clean the floor at Cannes – only to be met with 'Meh' and 'Have you seen this cool thing this cool brand did on the internet overseas? Oh, you have google too? Meh. Anyway, I'm going to wait 4 weeks to give you feedback then give you a day to respond. Meh.'

It's a miracle half-decent work is getting in this country given the absolute gobshitery that goes on in forums and client meetings.

It's an ad. Get over yourselves and go and make / approve something half decent, you simpering nitpicking twats.

USofA said:

Might not be good enough for the experts on this site. But the editor of an advertising publication in the States picked it. Which doesn’t happen for many Aussie ads now, does it?

Six months said:

This is poor work. He won’t be around long.

Catherine said:

Love the ad. Where can i get a bunny the same as the one from your ad for my new blue. Thanks.

Get it right okay said:

Yer sure it's a great ad BUT, whatever happened to 'Get your hands off it'? The driver stops at a Stop sign, the 'rabbit' drops the mobile phone to the floor of the car then you see the driver pick it up and put it in the's illegal to 'touch' your phone when you are driving, that also means when you are stopped at a stop sign. So a big FAIL for the NRMA advertising dept. GET YOUR HANDS OFF IT. Park to the side of the road, turn your engine off, then you can move the mobile phone.....

Danielle said:

Great ad.
My five month old is obsessed with it. It distracts her from anything. As soon as she heard the score, she’s glued. Please tell me where I can find a bunny like this one?! 😄

Patricia Gillett said:

Could you please have the rabbit for sale, perhaps for a Christmas charity, I would love to give it to my grand nieces

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