Spotlight on Female Directors: Selina Miles

Selina Miles Portrait (1).jpgAs part of a regular series with Free The Bid Australia, Campaign Brief shines the spotlight on top female commercials directors in Australia and New Zealand...

Selina Miles is a director at EXIT Films.

Three best spots:
Carefree 'Meet the Matriarchs'
JD 'Xmas'
SBS VICELAND 'Take Me There'

Selina is a director/DOP who began her career as a visualist; obsessed with colourful, in-your-face camera tricks, quick cuts, vertigo-inducing moves and always hell-bent on bending time and space.
Born from a youth spent surrounded by graffiti artists, she studied a Bachelor of Multimedia Design at the University of Queensland and went on to direct a series of videos for ARIA award-winning band The Hilltop Hoods. Her self-produced hyper-lapse videos featuring artist Sofles have gained over 10 million views on YouTube.

In 2016 Selina moved into documentary, self-producing the Vimeo series PORTRAIT OF AN ARTIST. This led to the creation of THE WANDERERS, a 6 x 10-minute documentary series for ABC iView in 2017 that went on to achieve distribution in America and Europe.

Says Miles: "The last 12 months for me have been eye opening. I've had the opportunity to really identify my strengths and now I want to continue building within those areas. I've found a new passion for working with non-actors, and understanding tools and techniques to draw authentic, heartfelt performances from real people. This is not only a great new challenge but also an extremely rewarding and increasingly sought after practise in today's commercial landscape.

"I'm really excited by scripts in youth-driven categories, streetwear and activewear and the tech sector - and I feel my aesthetic has a lot to offer to these projects in a very natural way. I also really welcome opportunities to push the boundaries with new technologies, whether creatively through the use of inventive rigs and lighting environments, or from a production standpoint through social media integration. I'm happy to say I am one director who welcomes the crazy new world of vertical formats!"

Since launching a year ago, Free The Bid has 200 Australian Women Directors on its searchable database. Free The Bid now has over 20 major agencies that use the database to find the right director for each of their projects and have committed to putting one female director in the mix for every job.

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