Spotlight on Female Directors: Lucinda Schreiber

LUCINDA.jpegAs part of a regular series with Free The Bid Australia, Campaign Brief shines the spotlight on top female commercials directors in Australia and New Zealand...

Lucinda Schreiber is a director at PHOTOPLAY.

Three best spots:
Superfoods and Nature Boost

Lucinda is an Australian director, animator and illustrator. After studying Fine Art at RMIT she graduated from UTS with a MA in Animation where, until recently, she was engaged as a lecturer in motion graphics and animation. Her graduate short film, "The Goat That Ate Time" has been screened widely and received national and international awards.
Since then Lucinda has directed and animated numerous music videos and TVCs for clients including MoMA, Gotye, Saks 5th Avenue, Blackmores, Coca-Cola, Telstra, Midnight Juggernauts and Kotex.

Lucinda magically mixes her art-directed animation with full live-action sets and actors, a unique mix which creates stunning results.

Says Schreiber: "Good imagery will engage people but a strong concept will make them remember and come back to your film so to me story is key," Lucinda says. " I also think it's important that all elements; aesthetic approach, design, music, sound, pacing and narrative work together to create an integrated whole."

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