AWARD extends deadline to Friday Dec 14

Screen Shot 2018-12-11 at 6.13.57 am.jpgThe entry deadline for the 40th AWARD Awards has been extended to this Friday, December 14.

Get your entries in before the extended and final-final deadline, Friday 14th December 2018 (15% Late Fee will apply), and you could turn hate into gold.


NotEnough said:

Is it because they don't have enough entries for their overpriced show? $450 per entry is a bit steep hey, especially when there are so many more smaller (leaner, smarter) companies than there used to be. The trouble with making killer work that stands above the stuff churned out by the big "old guard" agencies is that we can't afford to enter awards like these. Maybe it's because we spend our money paying our staff and interns well, in a small studio that doesn't leave a lot for $500 award shows or tickets.

umm said:

@NotEnough don't get me wrong, I think there are all kinds of problems with the awards racket. But not as many as there are with your business if it can't afford $450...

Umm Can't do Math said:

Think about how many awards there are to enter if you want to keep up with the big agencies and prove you're just as creative. Now if you're a a two person company or similar and less than 3 years old, you're probably still not making the big bucks. Pick say, 3 jobs you think stack up to the bigger shops. Enter them into 2 categories in 10 awards. It becomes a bit of a problem when they're all $450 or higher. In the case of Cannes, D&AD, LIA etc, more than $500 easy. How many do you enter and what does it add up to, mate?

FridayKnockOff said:

5pm close? Why? We all work late. Usually we have to do "real" work during the day. Why not just make the cutoff midnight so we can finish our day jobs and then put the entries in without stress?

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