Dog welfare organisations urge Aussies to help save dogs' lives in new film via DDB Remedy

Screen Shot 2018-12-12 at 8.49.20 am.jpgMovie actor Aaron Taylor-Johnson, of Kick-Ass and Avengers fame, is the voice behind a powerful 2-minute film urging the world, and particularly Australians, to adopt a shelter or pound dog this festive season. Each year over 50,000 abandoned dogs are put down across the country and DDB Remedy, in collaboration with Taylor-Johnson and animal welfare organisations nationally, have launched a pro-bono campaign that urges Australians to help save their lives.
The campaign, which launches today, will feature the voice of the Golden Globe winner who has adopted two rescue dogs to date. "Every year, over 2 million dogs are euthanised around the world.  Together we can end such a senseless disregard for life. Choose compassion and adopt a rescue dog today," says the actor who has provided his time and support to the campaign pro-bono.

Says Scott Smith, executive creative director, DDB Remedy: "Many of the people behind the creation and production of this film regularly donate their time to organisations like Doggie Rescue in NSW. Through them, we became aware that local pounds and shelters are inundated with dogs during Christmas.
"While pounds and shelters they do everything they can, they simply can't house hundreds of dogs indefinitely; so tragically, tens of thousands are put down every year through no fault of their own. This moving film gives them a voice at a time of year when for many Australians, caring and compassion are paramount."
Director Jonathan May says he wanted the film to be as authentic as possible.

Says May: "We took a huge risk working with untrained shelter dogs to be in the film and with the help of Monika from Doggie Rescue, we carefully selected Steve and Xena. We only had a short window of time to shoot the dog scenes but both of them nailed their part, it was almost as if they knew the importance of their roles.
"With the support of the dog rescue organisations who came on board across Australia, together with Aaron's international profile, we're hoping we'll be able to make a difference and save as many dogs as possible during Christmas and beyond. Both here and around the world."
See Aaron's Instagram feed here - the post has received over 20K views since launching a few hours ago.

Dog welfare organisations
Doggie Rescue, NSW
SA Dog Rescue, SA
Starting Over Dog Rescue, VIC
Best Friends, QLD
Voiceless Australia
DDB Remedy
John Bertolini - Managing Director
Scott Smith - Executive Creative Director
John Lam - Creative Partner
Dawn Scanlan - Senior Producer
Narve Thakrar - Group Business Director
Francesca Millena - Business Director
Alex Lambert - Digital Director
Director: Jonathan May
Production: Flint Sydney
TV Producer: Tim Berriman
Writer: Jason Ross
Creative Consultant: Kristian Taylor-Wood
Sound Design: Simon Lister, Stuart Welch, James Martell, Nylon Studios
Music: Lydia Davies, Nylon Studios
Voice Talent: Aaron Taylor-Johnson
Editor: Christopher Barron,
Post Production: The Hive
Colourist: Matt Fezz
VFX Supervisor: Hugh Saville  
DOP: Campbell Brown
Steady Cam Operator: Brendan Shaw
Gaffer: Jeremy Graham, Ben McPhee
Dog Rescue consultant: Monika Biernacki
Talent: Dog 1-Steve, Dog 2- Xena, Mitch Fong


Josie said:

Oh no, no. Too sad to re-watch. Beautifully produced and thank you to all involved for getting this out there. As a dog lover & dog rescuer this is a heart breaker.

Razz said:

Remedy team - great job. Powerful stuff, and it's awesome you guys had something emotive to sink your teeth into.

Also, love that 'dog 1's' name is Steve. Cracking name for a pup.

ian said:

wow, what a powerful piece of communication.

Leezy said:

Great work John, Narve and Team - if it saves just one dog it's a win.

Sadly said:

it will save no dogs because its so boring nobody will watch it. Indulgent rubbish ruining what could have a been a powerful idea.

Steve Dodds said:

Well done Lammy

Secrets said:

I wish he would take Nth Melb. Lost Dogs home to task. Watch the massive noticable number of daily Impound (8 day quarantine site) photos cats/dogs on the Cranbourne shelter & nth melb lost dogs home w'site combined (google, missing dogs photos lost dogs home) & ask where the animals are disappearing to??? The w'site images for dogs eg.for Adoption, barely have any new additions. They are fake! Don't care about giving dogs a sale image chance. They can't all be in fostercare or behaviour training, or to Rescue grps. I've been comparing, watching both w'sites for about 7 wks. now & it's obvious they don't appear on adoption site which only has approx. 15 dogs or less avail. And dog images don't change if not adopted, for wks. Few or No additions.Same dogs. Amongst hundred++, extra impounded per wk. I'm suspecting oddly, animals Without microchip may be the chosen ones, meaning no pos. messy or expensive legal ownership disputes arising.

Ex-colleague said:

Nice one Mr Lam, glad to see you’re still kicking goals.

FFS said:

Cut it in half and at least you've got a chance of keeping the punters' attention. It's too long.

@secrets said:

Why on earth would you abbreviate website to w'site, you save one tap of your finger for crying out loud? It's infuriating.

@Sadly said:

And that about sums you up, mate.

Putney Geezer said:

So, how'd that dog get a Suf London accent yeah?

Zing! said:

Yes, it's nicely shot from a technical sense.

But the misdirect is very laboured.

And they cheat by sticking the dog in a human jail, with razor wire etc.

The breed of dog is also an odd choice.

It looks like it has eaten the neighbour's kiddies.

Wouldn't a sweet innocent pooch be more powerful?

Creator, not a destroyer. said:

I love it. Bloody good.

Hope it gets some metal and saves some dogs.

Clearly it's already pissed off the robots on this blog.

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