Emotive reveals Social to Scale consumer-centric creative process alongside agency re-brand

EMOTIVE_Logo_Black_Master.jpgEmotive has today announced an agency re-brand, including a new brand identity, strategic positioning and a consumer centric creative process titled 'Social to Scale'.

The news follows a period of significant growth for the Sydney agency and sees the former video content marketing specialist expand into a full-service creative agency, delivering content, ads and experiences.

Watch the Emotive Social to Scale videos below:
Says Simon Joyce, CEO and Founder, Emotive: "Emotive was founded in 2015 to help brands emotionally connect through narrative driven social video content. As the marketplace has rapidly evolved, so has our model. We're excited to build from what we've learned in the last three years including over 500 million views of performance data, to make a different kind of agency. One that is born of great social content, but uses in-market learnings from that content to iterate for mass media. And if we do this well, we help our clients create Brand Resonance, our purpose and the means for brands to evoke emotion, change consumer behaviour and drive long-term profitability."
The 'Social to Scale' creative process is designed to adapt to the significant changes in the marketing landscape. At a time when ad formats are being dramatically shortened and marketing is becoming increasingly transactional, creating Brand Resonance as a clear point of differentiation is both more important and difficult than ever.
The process starts by bringing ideas to life via long-form narrative driven social video unconstrained by traditional media length. The agency then gets real-time in-market feedback using its proprietary Brand Resonance Dashboard, which triangulates three key measures correlated to effectiveness:
  1. Real-time cross platform social performance
  2. Survey analysis, focusing on creative cut-through and persuasion
  3. AI powered facial coding that measures emotion via webcam
Emotive then uses a combination of this in-market data, gut instincts and storytelling craft, to iterate for scale including the refinement of 60 second, 30 second and 15 second scripts along with, digital, print, radio and OOH.
Says Joyce: "We work in an industry that is defined by creativity, yet largely restrained by a traditional creative process. So instead of just applying creativity to the product we make, we decided to apply it to the process by which we make it. Rather than jumping straight into developing 30's and 15's and repurposing for social channels, we start by testing and learning via long form social and using those in-market learnings to further develop the best possible scale-able assets. This helps not only ensure creative is tailored for channel, but also that we are able to evolve with consumer behaviour. It's a simple flip that makes all the difference. And it has been made possible by our creative foundation in long-form storytelling and video production, a client results oriented culture, and our investment in the creation of our proprietary Brand Resonance Dashboard."
Take a look at the new Emotive website at: www.emotive.com.au.


Impressed said:

Nice work guys and a cracking office location to boot

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Please just shut up

Lover said:

A refreshing and modern proposition.
Well done to Simon!

Garbage said:

Facial expression does not measure emotional responses.
Total rubbish.

nice pitch said:

how is this different to putting your content through research?

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