Japanese YouTube sensation Pikotaro fronts Hungry Jack's new campaign via Eleven + BOLT

hungryjack_stills_16x9_0000_1 (1).jpgCB Exclusive - Hungry Jack's has launched it's latest innovation, 'Summer BBQ Whopper', with Japanese YouTube sensation Pikotaro in a comedic parody of "PPAP" (Pen-Pineapple-Apple-Pen) which clocked over 234 million views on the comedian's official YouTube channel.
The campaign, developed by Eleven and its content arm BOLT, brings Japanese entertainer back for more pineapple as he dances his way through the 60 second social media video building his imaginary whopper burger.
Pikotaro's original music video went viral in 2016, becoming the shortest song ever to enter the Billboard Hot 100, after the incredibly catchy track reached the US charts on 29 October 2016.

Two years later,Pikotaro is back with this new hit, showcasing a humourous side of the Hungry Jack's brand, tapping into culture and merging two fan favourites together.
Says Claudia Cullen, brand marketing manager, Hungry Jack: "We wanted to create something that made our audience laugh and ultimately appreciate the fun yet delicious food we offer at Hungry Jack's".
The 'Summer BBQ Pineapple Whopper' video will run across Hungry Jack's social media channels from 4th December 2018, supporting the release of the new menu item which will be available until 15th January 2019.
The 15 and 6 second video and supporting social media assets were created by Eleven and its content arm, BOLT.

Hungry Jack's
Marketing Manager, Brand: Claudia Cullen

Managing Director: Roberto Pace
Account Director: Jodi Doherty

Chief Creative Officer: Andy DiLallo
Creative Director: Russ Tucker
Creative Director: Misha McDonald
Head of Production: Lisa Brown
Producer: Savannah Anseline


WOW said:

Absolutely Hilarious!...

Ronald said:


Andy F said:

Great work Andy D and team.

Love it.

Honest said:

This is great. Simple, funny, original. Great work all.

YouTube disagrees said:

The comments are brutal - even by YouTube standards.

@honest said:

Original? It's literally a replica parody of something else.

Without the context of knowing the original, this piece of content is highly irreverant and memorable. Unfortunately as soon as you're aware of 'PPAP', it's just a clone.

That said, it will rack up the likes I reckon.

@YouTube disagrees said:

However, the comments on Facebook - where it was originally posted on HJโ€™s page -are overwhelmingly positive.

Bob said:

Dammit, Iโ€™ve had this this stuck in my head for two days now!

Erm said:

2016 called and wants its meme back.

Erm said:

2016 called and wants its meme back.

Erm said:

2016 called and wants its meme back.

Sue Dough Nom said:

Good thing this is still funny 2 years later. Looking forward to seeing someone dab on their next video.

Gangham Style said:


trryagain said:

hashtaghashtag this is shit.

Proper credits said:

I heard the client wrote this themselves. If so, agency needs to remove themselves from the credits.

Working said:

10k comments on face in 2 days. 6k shares.
Love it. Hate it. Mass debate it.

Haddaway said:

LOL, this is funny as. Just enjoy that TBWA got this up. Thatโ€™s a hard sell. Well done.

Thuglife said:

He's building an imaginary whopper burger?

Fuck. This is what happens when you outsource ideas to the muppet show

jess t said:

whats not to like about this? its stupid. but awesome. haters gone hate LOL HOW DARE YOU BRING BACK AN OLD MEME - YOU CAN'T LAUGHT TWICE AT THE SAME DUDE WITH HIS FUCKING PINEAPPLE. Shhhhhh its going to be alright back to your xmas banners

Thats actually brilliant said:

Wow. I'm generally a hater. But that was fu*king good.

Has everyone fucking lost it? said:

Concept. Shit. Shit concept.

Is HJโ€™s said:

a TBWA account now? What happened to Clems?

Steve Dodds said:

Well done Russ, Mish and co.

State of the industry said:

Oh I see they finally got the internet in Pyrmont...

FYI said:

I just read the comments.

Then hit play.
And both my tweenage kids went bonkers without seeing it.

Job done.

McDonald's said:

"Guys... did you see how good that pineapple thing is doing for Hungry Jacks? We need to get in on this. How about grumpy cat, but he's grumpy cos he can't get a big mac? Or wait... that guy who found a double rainbow... finds a triple rainbow in some nuggets? Yeah. this is good. lets go with that"

Ben said:

Some how I missed the original in 2016. Thank god. Now I just wish I hadn't click this post.

Redgreg said:

Love it! Well done Russell.

ROCKy said:

This commercial looks really silly to me..

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