Jetstar uses eye tracking technology in its latest out-of-home campaign via J. Walter Thompson

Jetstar JCDHETSTARHERO (1)2.jpgJetstar, in partnership with JCDecaux and J. Walter Thompson, has used eye tracking technology to determine the dream destinations of passers-by in a unique Australian first out-of-home campaign.
Using eye tracking technology, the campaign was able to determine the exact area of the ad people were looking at, and then serve a message relevant to their gaze.

JCDJETSTAR2.jpgJCDJETSTAR.jpgThe JCDecaux Innovate panels featured a range of destinations from Jetstar's Christmas Sale, including Honolulu, Ho Chi Minh City, Gold Coast and Perth. People naturally looked at their dream location, while eye tracking technology registered theJCDJETSTAR3.jpg movement of their eyes. Based on this movement, the Innovate panels either told people the sale price for a flight to that destination, or dispensed a Jetstar Gift Card to the value of $500 allowing participants to book the flight themselves.
The Jetstar campaign, developed in collaboration with media agency Wavemaker, featured on JCDecaux Innovate panels at Melbourne's Southern Cross Station and on George Street, Sydney.
Says Catriona Larritt, chief customer officer, Jetstar: "Everyone has a dream destination when it comes to travelling and together with JCDecaux, we were able to develop an innovative and engaging way to bring this campaign to life.
"Using eye tracking technology, passers-by were able to see aspirational destinations featured on the panels, and we were able to surprise and delight them by showing them a sale fare, or giving them a gift card encouraging them to book their next holiday with Jetstar."
Says Ashley Taylor, head of creative solutions, JCDecaux: "Our eye tracking capabilities allowed the INNOVATE panels to interact with passers-by by featuring their dream destination in a beautiful, high-resolution execution that makes it desirable and a Jetstar airfare offer that makes it a must-do. The Australian first Out-of-Home campaign is just one example of how JCDecaux can deliver innovative, stand-out creative solutions for clients."
The campaign ran for a week until December 10th, 2018.
Client: Jetstar
Creative Agency: J Walter Thompson
Media Agency: Wavemaker
Social Agency: TLA Worldwide


My eyes hurt said:

That is the most cringeworthy video I've seen in a while. I need a holiday after watching it.

no eye dea said:

If your idea requires a prize to engage customers then you don't have an idea.

J Walter Who? said:

That is all...

JWT PRs Simon's choice of sandwich said:

Anything with pesto. Pesto's cool, right?

Be fair said:

In JWT's defence, the video and probably the 'idea' were from JC Decaux.

Get a life said:

This is harmless - consumer friendly and everyone loves a freebie. Get off your creative high horse and realise this is exactly what their target audience wants. I am so over the negativity on these articles- it’s embarrassing for our industry.

@Get a life said:

Totally agree. I bet more people enjoy interacting with this than most ads. We forget who we're actually making ads for – our clients and the average consumer.

x said:

The idea is pretty good. Execution not great and case study very average.

Rolly said:

Imagine how many eye rolls they could detect as they announce another delayed / cancelled flight. This idea could replace their already overworked complaint system with something way more modern. They could retrench their call centre too as it could all be run via AI and chatbotz.

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