Princess Cruises launches new 'Symphony of Service' brand campaign via MediaCom

SOS 1[3][3][2] copy.jpgIn partnership with Princess Cruises, MediaCom's specialist division MediaCom Beyond Advertising (MBA) has released its second Australian-produced brand campaign, a timeless and elegant showcase of the world class service one can experience at sea with Princess.

'Symphony of Service' shows the poetic and dreamlike delivery of an entire cruise ship working in harmonic rhythm to deliver a memorable guest experience. Set on-board the Majestic Princess; the newest and largest ship to sail out of Australia, the story extends much further than introducing a world class vessel with state of the art features, the narrative unveils to show how the soul of this beautiful cruise ship comes to life through the warmth, dedication and personalised attention to detail of the crew. The alluring story features interactions from the crew as they create memorable moments for their guests everyday.

SOS 6[1][2][1] copy.jpgDeveloped locally in partnership with production company AIRBAG, and directed by Jonathan Nyquist, Symphony of Service features an original soundtrack scored by Uncanny Valley and post production delivered by Hogarth. The campaigns' brand and retail TVCs, print, cinema, digital and social media has been created and distributed by MediaCom across Princess Cruises' owned and paid channels, showcasing the unique full-service offering.

Says Ben McCallum, general manager, MediaCom Sydney: "Our team is full of dedicated experts in the travel industry and this timeless piece of work showcases the strength of our full-service offering across creative and media."

The classical and symphonic music featured classical musicians (a violinist and cellist) that regularly perform with the Sydney Symphony Orchestra. The composition effortlessly glides from scene to scene towards a crescendo in The Atrium, the heart of the ship. Hypnotic and powerful, everything and everyone is working in harmony to deliver the Princess promise that when you return home, you'll return not with suitcases full of souvenirs, but with memories that are everlasting.
Above all, the Symphony of Service promises that you'll come back new. The symphony captures the subtle and understated service story in a way that naturally reflects the unique attitudes and behaviours of over 1300 crew on-board Majestic Princess. The attention to detail, craft and care that anticipates guests every move is the driving force behind creating magical experiences.

Says Nick Ferguson, director of sales and marketing at Princess Cruises: "We wanted to focus on what makes Princess different and not only is it the backdrop of the beautiful Majestic Princess but we also wanted to put our crew, and service, front and centre, as it's what makes a Princess cruise so unique and memorable. The symphony of service is a taste of the truly rejuvenating experience you can have on-board. At Princess, we have the longest running customer service program at sea, the 'CRUISE' program, that stands for courtesy, respect and unfailing service excellence and it's a credo that our crew live by and helps guests come back new."

Says Gemma Hunter, global executive creative director of MediaCom Beyond Advertising: "This is a unique and magical cruising experience and this campaign is about encapsulating the soul of Majestic Princess, it's crew, and bringing the experience they work so hard to create to audiences across the country. While on the surface it looks effortless, the vision that is poured into crafting and creating experiences that leave lasting memories on guests is truly extraordinary. At the heart of this is the notion that an entire world is conducted just for you.  It's been an honour and privilege to bring such an authentic and true benefit to life."

Princess Cruises has some of the highest rates of return cruisers in the industry and at the centre of this satisfaction are the passionate crewmembers. In addition to creating 'Symphony of Service', MBA will be rolling out an intimate portrait photography series in social that unearths the human motivations behind the people that work on Majestic Princess.

'Symphony of Service' will be progressively rolled out across TV, cinema, print, social media and digital platforms throughout 2018 and 2019.

Nick Ferguson, Director of Sales & Marketing, Princess Cruises
Chloe Jones, Marketing Manager, Princess Cruises
Alexandra Ward, Brand Marketing Specialist, Princess Cruises
Cassie Carter, Graphic Designer, Princess Cruises

Gemma Hunter, Global Executive Creative Director, MediaCom
Michael Waymouth, Client Partner, MediaCom
Tom Charles, Group Account Director, MediaCom
Maddy Cunich, Content and Partnerships Director, MediaCom
Simon Jarosz, Creative Director, MediaCom
Taylor Thornton, Associate Creative Director, MediaCom
Alastair Anisimoff, Social Creative, MediaCom
Charlotte Martin, Senior Social Executive, MediaCom
Bart Hodgen, Group Strategy Director, MediaCom
Alex Gough, Strategy Director, MediaCom
Abi Henderson, Planning Director, MediaCom
Jerome Velasquez, Digital Investment Director, MediaCom
Nicholas Hinchley, Digital Investment Manager, MediaCom
Lindsay Beeren,  Investment Senior Executive, MediaCom
Rachel Andrada,  Investment Executive, MediaCom
Taufiq Zainal, Digital Investment Coordinator, MediaCom
Chelsea Harris, Investment Coordinator, MediaCom

Jonathan Nyquist, Director, Airbag
Executive Producer, Alex Tizzard, Airbag
Justin Shave, Head Composer, Uncanny Valley
Charlton Hill, Head of Music & Innovation, Uncanny Valley
Matt Perrot,  Audio Director, Uncanny Valley

Erin McGookin, Post Production Producer, Hogarth
Mark Bennett, Senior Editor, Hogarth


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That's all the enormous list of contributors to this utter bollocks could come up with - a pair of stereotypes floating around an empty ship to music??


Stick to TARPS you turkeys.

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@Is That It? - Maybe you should spend more time leading the next generation by positive example and less time waiting for the latest press release drop to hate on.

Your negativity and aggressive pessimism is exactly why the creative industry is suffering from a talent and financial shortage.

We are all sick of seeing keyboard warriors links yourself finding joy in the tearing down the hard work of others in order to compensate for the lack of ability and self worth you have in yourself. Advertising is the only creative industry where you see this kind of trolling BS.

And FFS get over the fact that creative agencies are the only ones that are capable of making a piece of advertising. This isn’t the 90’s anymore and it’s your own fault that clients and talented kinds want nothing to do with working with dinosaurs like yourself.

Christ guys, focus on soloving some real problems in the world for once...

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Princess Cruises, the place where rich white people are served by poor brown people.

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as the people running around the empty decks...

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C’mon folks there are people who get perverse pleasure being confined to tiny cabins, going out for once but no longer fresh food , drinking cheap booze at expensive prices , hoping the fuck they don’t get gastro when one, yes just one, person with it gets on the boat and spreads it to everyone. Selling this watery hell is a challenge that only the brave will take on. Give them the respect they deserve. OK perhaps a little bit more. Or a lot.

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This work is ample evidence that creative agencies have absolutely nothing to fear from amateurs like MediaCom.Stick to getting your computers to spit out another cookie cutter media plan.

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What a load of crap did Singapore to Shanghai cruise what a waste of time and money on majestic princess
Shocking food ,hardly any entertainment, wife twisted ankle caused by pushy photographers they wanted us to pay all medical expenses we are avid cruisers but this was the worst one
No advertising campaign can help them

Sunk said:

What disappoints me about this spot is that it is such a blatant lie. Where are the people? Everyone knows that these floating 'palaces ' are full of hoards of trapped inmates all pretending to have a good time. Trying to position yourself as this heaven of seeming solitude is bound to fail because the reality is the total opposite.

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Along with all the points made above, I rest my case.

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