Spotify celebrates the year in music in annual Wrapped campaign via Christopher Doyle & Co.

RegRbtiQ.jpegSpotify Australia has just revealed its much anticipated annual Wrapped campaign, celebrating the year in music through key cultural moments and artists from across 2018, designed by Christopher Doyle & Co.
Following the release of its compelling year in review data that celebrated the nation's favourite artists, albums, songs, and trends, the multifaceted OOH, digital and social campaign launched in markets worldwide including Australia, Brazil, Canada, Colombia, Denmark, France, Germany, Indonesia, Mexico, Philippines, UK and US.
Over 50 artists including Australia's most streamed female artist Ariana Grande, Grammy nominated Post Malone, and Shakira with Maluma, are featured in the campaign, with homegrown legends Peking Duk, Aria award winner Troye Sivan, and one of Australia's most streamed local artists Vera Blue also celebrated in local marketing.
image002.jpgThe campaign centres on using Spotify's always playful creative to offer a moment of reflection about the role that music and Spotify plays in the daily lives of Australians and culture.
As a special feature this year, Spotify Premium users will also have the unique opportunity to shareimage003.jpg their own personal 2018 Wrapped share card on digital billboards in some of the most iconic locations around the world, including outside Melbourne's Federation Square station.
For one week, beginning 10 Dec, this spectacular billboard will display an uninterrupted feed of Australian Spotifyimage004.jpg Premium users' top artists, songs and genres. Users can simply select "Share on a billboard" for their chance to see their year in music on the big screen.

Says June Sauvaget, global head of consumer marketing, Spotify: "Our annual Wrapped ad campaign is yet again, a true embodiment of our image005.jpg leading position as a true 'platform for discovery.' Our users have come to expect the year-end wrapped campaign year after year and are eager to see how their interactions on Spotify connect to what is happening across the global Spotify community.

"At the same time, it serves as a large-scale 'thank you' to our listeners for their collective impact in shaping the platform throughout the year while further solidifying our place in the global cultural lexicon."
Says Serena Leith, marketing director, Spotify Australia and New Zealand: "We wanted to channel the extraordinary year that was, and to showcase how Spotify is such a beloved and essential part of our daily lives, indelibly marking these Australian cultural moments, through music.
"We're excited to have Aussies celebrate with us by sharing their results with each other, and take the opportunity to see their face and their year in music up in lights, in Melbourne's Federation Square for this very unique experience."
This year's campaign goes beyond showcasing listening behavior, highlighting moments in culture marked by music including:

  • We only have this billboard because the sails weren't available.
  • 2018 genres: Opera. Also, house.
  • Troye Sivan's "Bloom" was streamed 359,521 times on the first day of Spring. Groundbreaking.
  • 5 Seconds of Summer were streamed over a billion times this year. That's 5847 years of summer. Ice block?
  • Peking Duk's "Fire" was streamed over 22 million times this year. Lit.
  • Vera Blue's "Lady Powers" was streamed 2,934 times the day the tampon tax was axed. Bloody awesome.
  • Tash Sultana's "Cigarettes" was streamed over 4 million times. But only socially.
10 hrs and 57 mins is the length of:
a) An average Australian Prime Ministership.
b) The "ScoMo's Mixtape" playlist.
Spotify's Wrapped OOH campaign is live from today in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane.
Brand: Spotify
Design and copywriting : Christopher Doyle & Co.
Media : UM


Castle said:

What do Spotify have to celebrate?
Some new music they created?
The financial evisceration of recording artists?
No. The amount of data they collected on us and our listening habits/movements.
Disgusting business model.
Tick Tock biatches...

Andy said:

Great work Chris!

Drives me nuts that your copy is so strong. And that this work comes from a design agency of 3 people.

M I N D . B L O W I N G

Andy said:

Great work Chris!

Drives me nuts that your copy is so strong. And that this work comes from a design agency of 3 people.

M I N D . B L O W I N G

pugwash said:

and each the artists got paid 5 cents for it. this model is doomed.

Next Gen said:

The VEVO model doesn't help artists much either.

We now all pretty much pay for music.

It's easier to buy it than download it.

The future now has to be an artist owned co-op style platform that fairly distributes most income to the artists that generate the content not the internet lords that built a website.

Not a model model said:

These have decent writing and celebrate fandom and binge listening. That's fine.
You can't blame the agency for the product or the state of the industry.

And besides, even if the artists owned the platform, Spotify still hasn't turned a profit. Not sure I'd want to share in that windfall.

Rob said:

Great campaign, and great use of data.
The model still has flaws, but can't argue with the campaign

Money for jam said:

Some of these are nice, but man, they write themselves.

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