Spotlight on Female Directors: Sophie Edelstein

Sophie - Head shot.jpgAs part of a regular series with Free The Bid Australia, Campaign Brief shines the spotlight on top female commercials directors in Australia and New Zealand...

Sophie Edelstein is a director represented by The OTTO Empire.

Three best spots:
1. Michael Kors
2. Westfield
3. Chloe

Edelstein is an award-winning director, creative director, screenwriter and arts editor.  Her eye for fashion, performance, passion and the surreal have seen her work across the globe and collaborate with a host of extraordinary artists and creatives. Including projects with Reese Witherspoon, Jessica Biel, Mario Testino, Barry Humphries  Gigi Hadid and more.

Born in Melbourne, Edelstein spent eight years in London after her senior schooling, studying at Oxford University and interning at Vogue UK before building her portfolio in the field of creative writing, film and art.  Her natural ability to instantly make everyone feel comfortable and at ease means a shoot with Sophie is fun, relaxed, and always stylish.

Says Sophie: "I like to do work which allows me to take risks aesthetically but also tell a story and create emotional intrigue. I get very excited about a script that is interesting and creatively challenging - where we have room to experiment and collaborate together to build something fresh and new and I love projects where the ideas lead the way."

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