Spotlight on Female Directors: Tiny Bullet

Tiny Bullet.jpgAs part of a regular series with Free The Bid Australia, Campaign Brief shines the spotlight on top female commercials directors in Australia and New Zealand...

Tiny Bullet AKA Tina Bull is a director with Eight.

Three best spots:

It's been a stand out year so far for Tiny, who has been working hard to smash stereotypes starting with her amusing #Adpology which was shown at Cannes this year tackling sexist advertising for International Womens Day. Her latest spot for sex toy company Lovehoney earned the title "The most outrageous advert to ever air on British TV".
Tiny was born and raised in Essex England. Daughter of the legendary cockney sign writer Terry Bull. With an obsession for typography running through her DNA she built up a reputation as one of the world's most awarded and sought after Motion and Animation Designers before trying her hand at directing humans.

Known for her outlandish and quirky visual treatments. Her sensitive, intuitive approach to character development produces strong emotive performance based work. In addition each shot is designed and creatively art directed to produce beautifully composed visual pieces.

Tiny has received multiple accolades, her Lenovo commercial won the New York Times "most watchable commercials" Gold award during the Olympics and more recently EBAY for Mullen Lowe finished Top 10 for branded entertainment globally at the Webby Awards.

Since launching a year ago, Free The Bid has 200 Australian Women Directors on its searchable database. Free The Bid now has over 20 major agencies that use the database to find the right director for each of their projects and have committed to putting one female director in the mix for every job.

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