TAL asks Aussies to re-connect with their own true value in new content campaign via Illuminate

Screen Shot 2018-12-21 at 10.39.44 am.jpgIntegrated communications agency, Illuminate has partnered with leading life insurance specialist TAL to create a digital campaign aimed at encouraging Australians to re-connect with their true personal value over the holiday period.
Titled 'The Value of You', the content-led campaign includes two short films exploring the concept of value, and features everyday Australians telling the people they love how much they truly mean to them.  Social, digital and PR layers will be revealed in early 2019.
The campaign builds on last year's work, with both combining to tell a story about the things that connect every Australians, while asking them to consider whether they are undervaluing themselves.

Says Antony Wilson, general manager, brand, TAL: "The life insurance category is one which plays an incredibly important role in the lives of many millions of Australians.  But it's not always easy to convey the true value of the category when compared to other forms of insurance.
"The Value of You campaign is designed to tackle that challenge by waking people up to their most valuable asset - themselves."
Says Brannon Valmadre, general manager, Illuminate: "This is a campaign we are extremely proud of - we have drawn on the full power of our Haus model to create an integrated campaign which immediately resonates with Australians, helping solve a strategic challenge that is facing the entire life insurance industry using a human, insight-based creative approach."


Perhaps I’m Just A Misanthrope, but said:

Does this soppy, virtuous muck really work?

And show me the 30 and 15 sec cut-downs.

Why said:

Feels like this is the kind of campaign that the team are really proud of. Interested to find out if it generates any kind of results or connection with the audience.

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