Taubmans transports tiny home 9,000kms across Australia to promote its All Weather exterior paint in new campaign via Naked and Symmetry Media

Opening copy (1).jpgIn a campaign for Taubmans to launch the new and improved All Weather exterior paint, Naked, together with Symmetry Media, have transported a tiny home 9,000 kilometres across Australia on an epic journey to demonstrate that Taubmans "protects against the forces of nature".

Naked commissioned a custom-built tiny house for the campaign, which featured a family going on a road trip with the house in tow. The house, painted with Taubmans All Weather Exterior Paint, faced pounding surf, searing outback heat, driving rain, and a blizzard, showcasing Australia's extreme weather conditions.

Says Tim Kirby, managing director, Naked Communications: "Product demonstrations are pretty common in the paint category, so we knew we needed a special product demonstration to reflect a special product. Taking a tiny home for a 9,000km road trip to test it in the best and worst of Australian weather was a fun way of doing just that."

Sun (1).jpgSays Dean Ginsburg, director, Symmetry Media: "It was an awesome project. Finding the right locations for all the extreme weather conditions was key, as was creating the right atmosphere with the family for each scene. We shot anamorphic, which was perfect for getting the cinematic look we needed."

Says Hannah Cutting, producer, Symmetry Media: "It was a pleasure bringing together our talented cast and crew on this spot. With an ambitious scope and many moving parts, getting aligned on the vision early on was crucial."

Taubmans is part of the PPG Group.

Says David Nicholls, commercial director, PPG: "Tiny Homes are growing in popularity. Painting one and taking it to different parts of Australia allows us to really clearly showcase how the new and improved All Weather paint, with its Lifetime Guarantee, can stand up to even the toughest conditions."

The campaign is launching on TV, online and OOH this week.

Jon Burden, Executive Creative Director
Dan Miller, Copywriter
Sascha Wilkosz, Junior Art Director
Sebastian Revell, Senior Strategist
Marcus Key, Design Director
Richard Woods, Group Account Director
Tim Kirby, Managing Director

Symmetry Media, Production Company
Dean Ginsburg, Director
James Carr, Executive Producer
Hannah Cutting, Producer
Kent Hau, Editor
Trailer Music, Music
Adam Howden, DoP
Matt Floyd, 2nd Unit/Cam Assist
Andy Cantrell, Standby Props
Camilla Leary, H&MU
Katie Dorman, Production Office
Thomas Hellier, Runner

Bou Design House, Production Design
Matt Campbell, Colourist/Matua Film
Tim Robertson, Photographer
Tim Richter, VFX
Sound Design Studio, KLANG
Declan Diacono, Sound Designer

Commercial Director: David Nicholls
Brand Manager: Lara Sofizay


Not bad not bad at all said:

Dean Ginsburg is a director to watch.
Well done Naked and Symmetry –– beautiful stuff.

Phil said:

Nice idea ruined by a terrible VO.

Ad critic said:

Where’s the documentation of the trip beyond a 30sec TVC? Great idea with poor execution.

Agree the VO is cheese-town

Greidy said:

What Phil and Ad said.

Was looking forward to more than that.

Maybe there wasn't an ECD around to protect it...

Rad Critic said:

The most cinematic paint commercial I've ever seen - props to everyone involved!

x said:

Yeah cracker of an idea. Shame about the execution. Client probably.

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