The Royals explores popular culture, tech and the future in new Everybody Knows zine, now on sale

Everybody Knows.jpgCurious about how a universal basic income would actually work, or how facial recognition technology is changing the national security sphere as well as what KFC serves up its customers?

Or perhaps you'd like to know more about Time Well Spent - a self-described 'social movement to reclaim our minds from being hijacked by technology'.

You can read about these topics and more in Everybody Knows, a new zine published by The Royals, containing writings and musings about creativity, media, popular culture, art and technology. It's on sale at Mag Nation in Melbourne, Journals in Sydney, and in Singapore and UAE (Dubai), and can be purchased on The Royals' online shop. (Just in time for Christmas.)

Everybody Knows features a selection of in-depth articles and essays from The Royals' online publication of the same name, researched and written by agency staff, which is also distributed as an e-newsletter to more than 3,000 curious individuals. (We'd love you to subscribe.)
Everybody Knows2.jpgSays David Rood, head of content, The Royals: "Everybody Knows reflects The Royals' mission to be the most interested agency in the world. #MostInterested inspires our team to dig deeper, ask 'why' and wonder 'why not', while keeping a constant eye on how the world around us is changing.

"We've been sharing our learnings on social trends, technological developments and popular culture on our online publication for a while now, and we thought it was time to put them out there in the old-school medium of print. Give your eyes a break from blue light rays and enjoy Everybody Knows in tactile form. Perfect summer reading."

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