Vale Adrian Hayward ~ a super talented director with a brilliant sense of humour + megawatt smile

Adrian-Hayward-smile.jpgThe industry will be saddened to hear of the passing of talented and popular TVC director Adrian Hayward, who died yesterday after a short battle with cancer.

Hayward, a man with a brilliant, English sense of humour and the best smile in the business, started his career in London in 1980 as lighting designer and stage manager for numerous theatre productions in the UK including Salisbury Playhouse and Queens Theatre, Hornchurch and on tours of musicals for Cameron Mackintosh including My Fair Lady and Godspell.

In 1983 he worked as an Assistant Director at BBC Drama/Comedy on shows including Doctor Who, Bergerac, The Young Ones, The Fourth Arm, Juliet Bravo, Top of the Pops, Dark Side of the Sun and Videostars.

From 1984 to 1987 Hayward was Assistant Director to some of London's top directors of the time including Paul Weiland, Roger Woodburn and Barry Myers.

In 1987 Hayward headed to Perth, forming his own production company, then followed Campaign Brief to Sydney later that year, living with us at the CB home/office in Balmain, soon joined by his younger brother Toby when the latter came out from the UK.
In Sydney, Hayward started out with Ross Wood Productions, prior to moving to Eureka Film Productions. In 1989 he joined Ross Nichols Productions.

ADRIAN-HAYWARD-web.jpgAdrian-Hayward-1989.jpgIn 1991 Hayward founded Newblood & Oldmoney, an award-winning film production company based in Sydney with clients across Australia, New Zealand, Asia and Europe. Agency clients included The Campaign Palace, Clemenger BBDO, Saatchi & Saatchi, Mojo, George Patterson, Y&R. Major clients included Qantas, British Airways, NSW Government, Federal Government, Yellow Pages, AMLC, Ford, GM Holden, Nissan, Toyota.

One of the many highlights of his career was In 1993, when Hayward creatively conceived, wrote, produced and directed Sydney's successful Olympic Bid Final Presentation to the International Olympic Committee in Monte Carlo.

In 1997 he founded Hat Productions (Hayward & Towell) with his younger brother Toby and represented a number of directors including Russell Mulcahy (Highlander), Gillian Armstrong (Charlotte Grey) and Darren Ashton (Razzle Dazzle).

In 2012 he produced and directed Marion's Thailand - a 10 episode TV series for Foxtel, featuring Masterchef's Marion Grasby as she introduces us to the authentic recipes, ingredients and culture of her Thai heritage.

Alex+Adrian.jpgMost recently Hayward was based in New Zealand, where he ran The Digital Department - a boutique digital media company, based in a converted barn studio outside Auckland. From this rural paradise he designed and built websites - and produced a range of other digital media for clients across Australia, New Zealand and the UK.

Hayward is survived by his wife Alex (pictured right with Adrian) and children Imiy, Ruby and Barnaby.

Hopefully all friends of Adrian Hayward can help his wife Alex and children at this very sad time:


Vale Adrian said:

Very sad. Talented, decent, smiling are the three words that immediately come to mind when I think of Adrian. My sincere condolences to his family and all his many friends.

Bettina said:

That laugh. I could find you in a room with 200 people in a nanosecond. We had a lot of fun making silly Kit-Kat ads back in the day. My favourite was Baby Mop starring your daughter. I love you mate and I will miss you forever. Xx

Robert Mitchell said:

Was proud to have worked with Adrian in Perth. My Ad for Bikewest to promote kids wearing bicycle helmets, directed by him won Best Writer at the '87 Golden Key awards - his sensitive direction featuring a brain damaged boy was outstanding as was his career. You can see it on this show reel at the 46 sec mark. Will be sadly missed.

Garry Horner said:

That's simply awful news. He will be sorely missed by everyone who had the good fortune to have crossed paths with him. Heartfelt condolences to his family.

Damo New York said:

Devastating news, spent many years in the cutting room with Adrian, one of the most infectious loudest laughs that could be heard anywhere in the building. Was going to say something funny & witty, but id be doing him an injustice.. One of the good guys..Thinking of family and friends from across the pond......

Saddened said:

Vale Sir.

Greg Desmond said:

Terribly sad news, remembering the good old days, Adrian's speech as best man at one of Guy Winston's Marriage's where he attempted to do the whole speech in Italian, he had everyone on the Italian side on the floor rolling around in stitches of laughter plus the small band of Aussies cheering him on, and then his infectious laugh at the end which if you weren't already laughing you sure would be by then.
Thinking of the family and friends, hope you are ok Toby.

Steve Tedman said:

Sad news indeed... It was always a pleasure to work with both Adrian & Toby back in the heady days of the Sydney advertising scene. I always knew I'd have a funny, funny day as soon as Adrian walked in. Beautiful guy with the best sense of humour. It's been a couple of decades since then but those times remain as fond memories. Thoughts are with his loved ones... Great guy

Mike Preston said:

Very sad news, Adrian was a wonderful man. I loved working with him and Toby.
Thinking of his family and friends. Thank you for the memories Adrian.

Warren Brown said:

Ade was always looking for a laugh, he was a funny man, we had some great memories and a heap of fun. It really never felt like work. That sound of his laugh will stay with me for the rest of my days. RIP Adrian and God bless.

ian ford said:

i first worked with adrian when he was assistant director on a shoot in london. he was the same then, as the last time i ever saw him,streetwise,funny and full on. Chris and my thoughts go out to his wife and children, and of course to toby.

Derek Green said:

Why do the good die young? It’s such bullshit.

Awesome bloke. World-class director. I just opened an awesome bottle of red for you mate.

Thinking of you Toby and family.


Edwina said:

Very sad news. Sending my love to Alex and his family.

gibbs tim said:

Adrian was a laugh. He created some great work, classic advertising that had a spark and an edge to it. We competed, often, but if I lost, often, I never thought they got the wrong bloke. Whenever we met in restaurants, bars or post houses he’d always have the time of day, gracious and good humoured. Yes, he could laugh for Australia and England all at once. This is truly sad news. I wish his family my heartfelt condolences in their grief.

Ron Mather said:

Very sad.A clever nice guy, gone too soon, my thoughts are with his family.RIP Adrian

Peter Sutherland said:

Just one look at that main shot of Adrian and you can see everything in those eyes...he was a wonderful talented guy who instantly changes everything and everyone around him for the better...if you ever felt down have a beer with Adrian.

gibbs tim said:

Adrian was a laugh. He created some great work, classic advertising that had a spark and an edge to it. We competed, often, but if I lost, often, I never thought they got the wrong bloke. Whenever we met in restaurants, bars or post houses he’d always have the time of day, gracious and good humoured. Yes, he could laugh for Australia and England all at once. This is truly sad news. I wish his family my heartfelt condolences in their grief.

Stewart Reeves said:

I only worked with Adrian a couple of times, but all I remember is how
much we laughed. He was a great director, an incredible story teller and he could drink any man or woman under the table. My heart goes out to his beautiful young family and his ever loving brother Toby.


I had the pleasure of working with him when I was a juniorburger -- he had that special magical touch of putting humanity in every frame. Vale.

Noel Magnus said:

Sad sad news. A genuine talent - and a genuinely nice man. RIP Adrian.

Gracie Otto said:

a great man with great mercedes

Roy De Giorgio said:

A real loss to the industry. Adrian was talented and passionate. He inspired those around him and his laughter and humour was always contagious. In an industry where personalities are getting rarer, he'll be sorely missed. Newblood & Oldmoney - best production name ever! Toby - I'm sorry for your loss.

Adam Wells said:

The news shocked me. Love to his family. Especially Alex, his children and Toby.

chris pearce said:

Adrian, you were a legend. You will be sadly missed.

Darren Ashton said:

Adrian did funny and he did it well. A decent and clever man. Wish we had time to tell him that - and all of the above.

Carolyn Starkey said:

Just horrible news. Adrian, you were taken way too young, but you lived large, a life of style, humour and panache. I was a youngin, when you had NewBlood, and I was a little bit scared of you, but mostly infatuated by your hilarity and the way you could make every individual feel like they are the most special person in the room.

RIP funny man.

Ross and Bev Wood. said:

Very sorry to hear of Adrian's passing. Our thoughts are with his family at this saddest of times.

Geoff Denman said:

Such sad news.
A great, talented and very funny man that produced some brilliant work.

Leigh Nicholl said:

Greg Desmond, the wedding was hilarious (even though it was my own!) and yes, Adrian had my whole family in stitches and had earned their utmost respect! I always remember Adrian's laugh and kindness to me and my heartfelt condolences to the Hayward family.

Corrine Long said:

SO very sad to hear the news. Have been in Perth for 10 years now. Adrian was a unique creator, full of passion and talent. Working with HAT and AHT was an incredible pleasure, surrounded by such talented, intelligent and creative people .... Adrian, Toby, Perry, Russell, Darren & Adam ... was an incredible time in my career. My love goes out to Alex and the girls and, of course, you Toby ... sending all my love and I so hope you see this message. Corrine Long xxxxxxxxx

Ian Iveson said:

Just heard the very sad news. Remembering Adrian's first visit to Sydney trying to find a company to rep him. The fact that he didn't have a reel was surprisingly unimportant. In the absence of a reel screening we went to lunch at The Brasserie and ended up at The Cauldron. I think we laughed for 12 hours straight. Condolences to Alex, the family and Toby. Ian

Leezy said:

Very sad to return to this dreadful and shocking news - condolences to all Adrian's family and friends - we're less than we were, without him amongst us.

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