AFL star Dustin Martin teams up with a tiger for latest Bonds A/W19 campaign via ARC Factory

image001.jpgBonds ambassador and AFL super star, Dustin Martin has teamed up with a tiger for Bonds AW19 mens underwear shoot and campaign via The ARC Factory.

The daring shoot launches across Australia this week and reflects the palette of jungle tones, camoflauge prints and textured waist bands, each pair made from Bonds soft cotton, with a focus on comfort.

Pi the Tiger, who's name translates to 'strong and noble', walked alongside Martin as he showcased his strong physique and signature ink in the commanding stills and video campaign which champions Bonds jungle inspired underwear.

Accustomed to the mental and physical preparation for an AFL match, the Richmond Football player was a natural in front of the camera and completely at ease taking strides alongside Pi.

Says Emily Small, head of marketing, Bonds: "Dustin was great. When we discussed the Tiger idea, he was really excited. It's a great way to showcase his atheleticism and our Bonds Jungle inspired print undies, alongside one of the worlds most amazing animals, the images are power."

The men's underwear and apparel collection launches January 21 and will go live in-store, online and digital.



awesome imagery

so wrong said:

How is this any better than those animal-abusing circuses that exploit wild animals for a dollar? Pretty appalling.

Hannibal Lecter said:

Remember that amazing scene in 'Manhunter' where the blind lady touches a real tiger that's under anaesthetic? That felt so damn real. This, on the other hand...

Gay guy said:


aj said:

I understand that lots of money went from this ad to tiger conservation. I guess that blows 'so wrong's' comment out of the water.

Rachel said:

Also says a real lot about Moneybags Martin. No
interest in animal welfare on his part. Bonds just lost
me as well. Tigers are very special animals and using them for advertising is not only
unethical but demeaning.

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