AMI and VETASSESS partner to support skilled marketing migrants thrive in Australian market

VETASSESS AMI Partnership.jpgTwo of Australia's leading professional organisations, the Australian Marketing Institute (AMI) and VETASSESS, have partnered to develop a skilled migration assessment criterion to support Australia's thriving marketing sector.

The partnership between the AMI and VETASSESS is bringing together industry and education providers to ensure that the current assessment criteria for occupations across advertising, marketing and market research in Australia install confidence and meet expectations for employer groups and organisations Australia-wide.
Says Rob Thomason, executive director, VETASSESS: "VETASSESS is proud that the Australian Marketing Institute has endorsed our criteria for skilled migration assessment for the marketing industry. VETASSESS is looking forward to an ongoing engagement with AMI to maintain the integrity and relevance across the marketing profession in Australia."

Says Andrew Thornton, director, AMI: "The partnership with VETASSESS aligns with the AMI's primary purpose of advancing progress in the careers of our members and the positioning of the wider marketing profession.

"As employers prepare for this exciting growth in the market, thanks to our partnership, they can be confident that marketing or advertising students coming through who have participated in the VETASSESS skills assessment process will make valuable employees."

Thornton added that "the growth in demand for marketing professionals in Australia has grown by an impressive 18% over the past 5 years; an annual average compound growth rate of 3 percent. The Department of Employment projects that by 2022, the demand for marketing professionals and managers will grow to around 228,000. Of course, with growth comes greater demand for marketing professionals across all career stages. To meet this growth, marketers need to continue to develop and enhance their skills and experience to remain relevant to the demands and requirements of the evolving employment market".

VETASSESS is Australia's leading vocational education and training (VET) skills assessment provider for both migration and national skills recognition. Working actively with industry bodies, VETASSESS aims to ensure that their assessments continue to meet the changing corporate landscape.

The key to a successful marketing career is uniform standards for formal education and continuous professional development. To that end, the AMI leads the setting of those standards through the Certified Practising Marketer designation, and the accreditation of marketing degree courses across Australian Universities as well as the endorsement of Vocational Educational Training courses including the partnership with VETASSESS.

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