Australian Defence Force Recruitment appoints VMLY&R as new creative and digital agency

DFR copy.jpgVMLY&R has been appointed to the prestigious Australian Defence Force Recruiting (DFR) creative and digital account following a detailed evaluation process. The incumbent was Host/Havas, who had held the account for four and a half years, taking the business away from Y&R back in 2013.

As the creative agency, VMLY&R will provide all creative communications and digital services under the government contract from 1 April 2019.

Says Sue McGready, director general, Defence Force Recruiting, Air Commodore: "VMLY&R bring experience and expertise that will enable DFR to recruit Australian Defence Force members into the future. We look forward to developing a strong partnership with the team at VMLY&R over the coming months to set us up for the years to come.
"I would also like to thank Host/Havas for their achievements with DFR over the past four and a half years in an industry that has seen rapid expansion and change."

VMLY&R's executive leadership team of Paul Nagy, Aden Hepburn and Peter Bosilkovski said: "We're honoured and delighted to be partnering with the Australian Defence Force (ADF) - a modern, innovative, people-focused organisation and one of Australia's largest employers. This is both a new business win and a homecoming for our agency group, with Y&R previously having held the account for more than a decade. We're thrilled to be once again partnering with the ADF and of course, very proud to be entrusted to provide our services to support the recruitment of members for all three Services of the ADF.

"The win showcases the full-service power of the newly merged VML and Y&R agencies who jointly tendered for the business, bringing world class digital experience and innovation together with one of the most famous brand experience agencies of all time. The newly formed VMLY&R will flex its full-service offering through creativity, technology, data and culture to deliver communications across the entire connected customer experience."

VMLY&R executive creative director, Jake Barrow, is looking forward to working with DFR again. Says Barrow: "To say I'm proud to be working with DFR again is an understatement. Our previous years with DFR produced many career highlights for our staff and I can now call this moment another. I'd like to give a huge thanks to the passionate and talented team at VMLY&R who are all raring to start."

 Says Laura Aldington, CEO, Host/Havas: "Whilst this is obviously a disappointing outcome for us, we wish the Defence Force Recruiting team all the best.

"I want to thank the incredibly talented, dedicated team at Host/Havas, who helped deliver DFR the two most successful years in their history, guiding them through a period of significant digital transformation.

"They should feel justly proud of the last five years and the amazing contribution they have made, in particular the recent awarding of the Australian Grand Effie.
"We will now take some time to recalibrate, adjust and set ourselves up to continue delivering great work for our clients in 2019 and beyond."
Transition to the new contract arrangement began on 14 January 2019 with handover of the CADS services to VMLY&R on 1 April 2019.


Host Sydney said:

Sorry Havas, we fudged up,

Jonny said:

Great news, solid win and start to the year. Patts got it back!

Patts on the back said:

Havas nice day

Erm said:

Congrats to the 70 people they'll need to hire to bolster the workforce of 15.
It's sad to see a big win come down purely to money.

Joe said:

From one wpp business to another? The rest is just geography.

@erm said:

'It's sad to see a big win come down purely to money.'

You're privy to the financials of this win are you?

No fragile egos here.. said:

"VMLY&R's executive leadership team of Paul Nagy, Aden Hepburn and Peter Bosilkovski said:"

Carn' guys grow up just one of you needs to be quoted....

Not long now surely said:

One person too many on that quote.

Truth be told said:

@Joe - you really think HostHavas is part of the WPP network???? Dolt....

@ @erm said:

The pitch was 30% creative and strategy, 70% costs and operations.

So yeah, literally by definition it would have come down to costs. So, you know, jog on.

Let’s see how long it takes said:

For VML to screw up yet another new business win. Track record speaks volumes about their incompetence.

@@@erm said:

Sorry you lost out, but keep a lid on the bitterness eh

P said:

the wheels on the bus go round and round

@No fragile egos said:

Nah, they all spoke at once. It was great.

grow up said:

I bet that all those implying that VMLY&R's win was solely due to costs aren't ....

driving the car they want,
living in the house they want,
eating at the restaurants they want,
flying the class they want,
wearing the clothes they want,
staying in the hotel room they want,
holidaying where they want ......

simply because they're all too expensive.

Cost is and always be a factor in choosing agencies, just like it is for all the moaners in making their life choices.

Grow up!

So said:

How many of the people who pitched on this are actually still at the agency?

DPL said:

Defence is coming back home. And you could say it shouldn’t have left in the first place. Congrats Jake and the team at Patts Melbourne. Looking forward to see some of the new work. I’m certain it will be as exciting as it used to be.

@So said:

Good question.

Competitor agency said:

Congrats Patts Melbourne- a much needed win for a good bunch of people

Silky Johnson said:

As the 2002 Player Hater of The Year I’d like to commend you all on your unwavering commitment to the craft. There’s no better comfort than trolling on CB in the wake of a loss. Hate hate hate!

Due diligence said:

Did Defence actually dig into the claims Y&R must have made to win this?
Who exactly is going to staff this account?
Of those that pitched do more than one or two remain?
Congrats to Y&R though, a much needed win.

The coffee machine said:

Woohoo honey, does that mean we can go back to expensive mid-week hotel rooms on the company tab

savetheadguy said:

great win for Y&R Melb - a win that no doubt has saved them as I heard they had a mass exodus in Q4 2018. probably will save the ad guy CEO too as two CEO's isn't sustainable

Scribbly said:

Well done Jake and team. Damn impressive.

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