BIG W inspires Australian kids to start something great in latest campaign via M&C Saatchi, Sydney

Screen Shot 2019-01-10 at 7.01.38 am.jpgWith the holiday season over, families across Australia are gearing up for the first exercise of 2019: Back to School shopping. BIG W, has launched a campaign, developed by M&C Saatchi Sydney, inspiring kids to 'Start Something Great', harnessing the excitement around the start of a new school term.

Airing across the country from this week, the campaign encompasses three 15-second TVC spots which capture kids' treasured experiences at school.

Says Kristen Linders, general manager marketing, BIG W: "Back to School is a defining occasion in child's year, so we wanted to authentically celebrate the moments that Aussie kids experience - from new friendships to fun schoolyard games. As a mother, I appreciate just how challenging Back to School shopping can be - so it's great that BIG W enables families to save both time and money by getting everything they need under one roof, at low prices."

C1756-B2S-PR-1 (1).jpgBIG W's 'Start Something Great' campaign also features the retailer's inaugural study on Australians' Back to School shopping habits. Led by integrated agency Magnum & Co, the research unearthed interesting spending insights of Australian parents.

The campaign is also supported through social with the Proud Parent Moment competition on BIG W's Facebook, inviting Aussie parents to share a photo and story of an achievement their child has made in the lead up to starting school.

BIG W's 'Start Something Great' integrated campaign comprises TV, radio, online, social, OOH, SEM, and PR.

Creative Agency: M&C Saatchi
Media Agency: Woolworths@DAN
PR Agency: Magnum & Co

BIG W brand team:
Kristen Linders - General Manager, Marketing
Carly Bowra - Head of Brand & Category Marketing
Ruchi Agarwal - Marketing Manager
Rebecca Spurr - Head of Design, Production & Store Marketing
Fiona Harrop - Head of Media Buying, Social Media and Public Relations
Michelle Bartolo - Public Relations Manager
Alice Harrison- Social Media Manager


Eric Stonestreet said:

These will hit the spot with mums.

Ahem said:

Who did these? Really great kids direction.

Morally Superior Old CD Guy. said:

M&C. The home of middle of the road Australian advertising. Maurice & Charles would be spinning in their graves - if they were dead.

The real Eric Stonestreet said:

OK I lied, these are beyond average.

Hal said:

Au contraire Old CD Guy,Maurice would be rejoicing in those huge profits coming out of M&C.

420blazeit said:

Morally Superior Old CD Guy:

You're a shit cunt.

Copy Desk said:

Oh my god you guys, my ovaries just burst. And I don't even have ovaries.

This is super-cute. In terms of production values they perfectly match the standard of Big W's existing comms. Bright, not super-polished, easy to understand. And fun.

If I were a Mum with school-aged kids the takeout for me would be Big W gets my kids and knows how adorable they are. That'd be enough of a reason to switch for a lot of them.

Good work guys.

Ted said:

shit cunt ... that's new!

I'm with 420blazeit said:

As a parent with kids, and a portfolio better than yours, I know what I'm talking about. Parents will love these ads and buy stuff from Big W. To jump on here to bag them. you are indeed a shit cunt.

Morally Superior OCDG said:


I love the way mere words wind you up into a shit-storm.

420blazeit said:

@ Morally superior fuckwit

Mere words? Have you been huffin nangs again you nit? Someone worked hard on that and with a few swift key strokes you make them feel like shit. They're not mere words, they're hurtful.

I bet you drive a Hyundai Getz, but tell everyone you drive a Land Cruiser.

Fuck off.

Hyundai Getz said:


Me Memory said:

Old Group Head Guy would be more accurate.Many of the more aged readers know who this guy is.And he is not who he purports to be.Never was.Ignore him.

Good chat said:

I'm also with 420blazeit and I rate the ads.

Morally Superior Hyundai Getz driver, leave it out.

@DAN? said:

'Media Agency: Woolworths@DAN'

What that f*ck M&C?
I hope there's not an actual man called Dan working on this account.
And he'd better not be white either.
I don't care if it's only the media agency.
Don't you know that only laydeez can give birth and only they have the skill and insight to work on child-friendly, earth-nurturing ads like these.
And what's with the boy in a support role in one of the spots? - pretty sure that's just supporting the patriarchy.
Thank goodness the client did the right thing and fired any hateful misters from their team.

@@DAN said:

Lamest attempt at trolling in weeks. Not sure anyone's gonna bite, but fingers crossed.

Impartial observer said:

Nah all the comments here are full of it – except the positive ones. This is really awesome. 420blazeit and everyone else should be super proud of the work they've done, and book their place in Cannes early.

Fucking great work shitcunts.

(Y) said:

These are pretty cute. And finally, a different way to tackle the ever-mundane back to school ads. Me likey.

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