Mercedes-Benz Vans put the X-Class V6 ute through its paces in campaign via The Royals

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CB Exclusive - A high-energy chase, peppered with comedic twists and turns, puts the tough credentials of the new Mercedes-Benz X-Class V6 ute on display in a spot via The Royals, hitting cinema and TV screens tomorrow.
The launch spot was filmed in the photogenic surrounds of Canberra and Goulburn in partnership with The Sweetshop, and follows the escapade of a driver being chased by a horde of overzealous paparazzi. Every time the chasing crew up the ante - from scooters to motorbikes to choppers (and some not-so-reliable canoes) - the X-Class outdoes them, and the terrain, with toughness and ease. Showing that whatever gets thrown at it, the X-Class V6 just says: "Let them eat dust."

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The V6 is the new, more powerful variant of the X-Class, Mercedes-Benz's first ever ute, which launched in April 2018. In the V6, toughness and performance meet premium interior and exclusive design highlights. One of the most powerful utes in its class - completing the sprint from 0-100 in 7.9 seconds - the X-Class V6 boasts a 3.0L V6 diesel engine so it can tackle the toughest of terrain.

Diane Tarr, Managing Director at Mercedes-Benz Vans Australia and New Zealand, said this campaign reflects the capability and sophistication of the X-Class V6 in a local way. "This is the third vehicle launch for Mercedes-Benz Vans in less than a year, and the energy of this spot is a reflection of the exciting 12 months we've had.
"As a German automotive brand launching a new ute into one of the world's largest ute markets, it was extremely important that we created a campaign that launches the X-Class V6 into the Australian and New Zealand markets with immense pace and power, showcasing how well it can tackle our local terrain while turning heads at the same time."
Adds The Royals Creative Director Andy Jones: "The X-Class V6 is an awesome vehicle, so we were excited when Mercedes-Benz Vans came to us to bring a local campaign to life. Bringing some sophisticated style to the blokey 4x4 ute category was a lot of fun, and we couldn't have done it without the teams at Mercedes-Benz Vans and The Sweetshop."
The campaign is supported by digital, print, radio and out-of-home advertising. "Let them eat dust" continues the theme of an evolved 'toughness', introduced in The Royals' "Tough Conversations" campaign.
Client: Mercedes-Benz Vans Australia & New Zealand
Agency: The Royals
Executive Creative Director: Nick Cummins
Managing Partner: Andrew Siwka
Creative Director: Andy Jones
Senior Broadcast Producer: Brenton Matulick
Senior Planner: Heleen Hidskes
Group Account Director: Clara Tang
Account Director: Jade Mittermair
Production house: The Sweetshop
Director: Noah Marshall
Producer: Llew Griffiths/Allison Lockwood
Executive Producer: Edward Pontifex
Managing Partner: Wilf Sweetland
DOP: Germain McMicking
Art Director: Jen Waters
Editor: Tim Mauger, The Editors
Colourist: Tom Poole, Company 3
Post Production: The Editors, Melbourne
Sound: Risk Sound
Casting Director: Allison Meadows, Mullinars Casting
Music: Level Two Music

Client: Mercedes-Benz Vans Australia & New Zealand
Managing Director: Diane Tarr
Head of Product Management & Marketing: Sabine Wagner
Senior Marketing Specialist: Michelle Reddington
Senior Marketing Specialist NZ: Kirsty McHugh


The Big Ticket said:

Great work Royals!

LilChày said:

Peter Griffins Bird is the word meets the Italian Job's Mini car chase scene - great work guys.

Still wouldn't buy one said:

That was fun. Ute looks great, track was right and no v/o.

yeah said:

Great spot and the music track is very memorable. @LilChày said it best.

Why was the paparazzi photographer upset at the end when he came across a pack of Mercedes? Wouldn't he be excited? After all thats what they are chasing and shooting???

Still, well done to The Royals and everyone involved.

Greidy said:


Jay said:


yes said:

@yeah - I think the paps were chasing whomever was inside the Merc. When the other two appeared he lost track of which had his mark in it and was annoyed... Thats how I saw it anyway!

Questions said:

Why is there a grumpy baby-boomer chasing a car?
Does he hate utes?
Why is he mad, he seems to have had otherwise had a satisfactory amount of ute-based content captured?
Is the ute meant to be a celebrity?
Why is it then wild in the forest if it is famous?
Why is he upset that there are multiple utes?
Are they splitting up so he cannot get that centrefold shot of multiple utes together for his ute pornography magazine?

Sad Pitt said:

Seems like a really depressed and grumpy version of this Heineken tvc:

But you know, without any actual idea, or reason to watch.

Short memories said:

Beyond this being a really average ad...

Didn't Princess Dianna die in a Mercedes being chased by paparazzi?

Stanley said:

"So the ute is like heaps cool and new, so the media will want to see what it is like hey. But they can't cause it's heaps fast. But then they nearly do. But then it turns out they were chasing three the whole time so they ain't sure which ute was the one they were first chasin. Pretty Sick hey?". Mercedes: :"Yeah righto"

... said:

Let’s compare it to other Aussie Ute ads in market at the moment.

Holden Colorado, pretty damn good ad with a mountain goat, hard to beat.
Ford Ranger, no idea, a Ute drives off road with a blokes bloke in it. Forgettable.
VW Amarock, weird ad that can’t be seen on TV that only really speaks to advertising people... people who don’t drive utes.
Toyota Hilux, a blokey bloke goes to his kids school parents day and says he drives a Hilux. Cringeworthy, horrible.
Mercedes X, it’s got an idea, well shot, better than most.

This is... said:

Absolute rubbish...but don’t give up trying.

Frankenheimer said:

High Energy car chase?..... yeah, nah.

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