Mindshare and The Works' On Msg win Gold at WARC Media Awards for The Wentworth Rat

The Wentworth Rat image (1).jpgMindshare Australia and The Works' messaging agency OnMsg have scored Gold in the Effective Use of Tech category of the 2018 WARC Media Awards for Foxtel and Showcase's 'The Wentworth Rat'. A campaign by Energy BBDO for American non-profit organisation, the National Safety Council, has won the Grand Prix and the Early Adopter Award.

The Prescribed to Death campaign raised awareness of prescription opioid overdose in the US with an innovative live experience supported by a multimedia campaign. Prescription opioids contribute to the deaths of more than 22,000 Americans each year. An NSC survey on drug abuse revealed that one in three Americans taking prescription opioids don't even know they're taking opioids, so the campaign targeted household health decision-makers and pain-sufferers.
The campaign launched opioid educational information on Facebook, developed 'Warn Me' labels for insurance cards and, using data and images of overdose victims, created a digital memorial wall and drove awareness via ads on social media, OOH and radio.

The campaign attracted close to 2.5 billion earned impressions, built recognition for the NSC and more than one million Americans put the labels on their insurance cards.

Says Ben Sutherland, chief digital officer, Diageo, who was on the jury for the 2018 WARC Media Awards' Effective Use of Tech category, commented on the Grand Prix winner: "The way they used the tech to demonstrate the mortality rate was really good. It was an incredibly emotive area and also very impactful -- it's everything I'd like my teams to be creating."

A Silver and the Most Scalable Idea Award -- for a tech-led idea with the scope to make an impact within its sector and, potentially, beyond -- has been won by OMD Media Direction Russia, Media Direction Group. The agency took the silver for a multimedia campaign for ride-hailing service Uber that used its own 'smart out-of-home' system to grow penetration.

A Bronze and the Platform Pioneer Award --for how a brand found an innovative and effective way to use an existing platform -- has been awarded to Colenso BBDO, MediaCom NZ for its Bank of New Zealand campaign The Most Prosperous ATM, in which a modified ATM was used, backed by a multimedia strategy, to transform the Chinese New Year experience and attract Chinese customers in New Zealand.

The full list of winners Effective Use of Tech category -- WARC Media Awards 2018 are:

Grand Prix
Prescribed to Death · National Safety Council · Energy BBDO · United States + Early Adopter Award

The Wentworth Rat · Showcase · Foxtel · Mindshare Australia · Australia
Highway Gallery · Louvre Abu Dhabi · ADTCA · TBWA\RAAD · United Arab Emirates
Golden Egg Crunch · KFC · QSR Stores Sdn Bhd · Ensemble Worldwide, Universal McCann · Malaysia

Energy Broadcast System · Flying Pig Marathon · Barefoot Proximity · United States
TasteFace · Marmite · Unilever · AnalogFolk · United Kingdom
Racing the Sun · Volvo · Courageous Studios, Mindshare · United States
Smart technologies increase offline media efficiency · Uber · Uber Technology · OMD Media Direction Russia, Media Direction Group · Russian Federation + Most Scalable Idea Award

The most prosperous ATM · Bank of New Zealand · Colenso BBDO, MediaCom NZ · New Zealand + Platform Pioneer Award
Real-time multiscreen sync · Breeze · Unilever Philippines · Mindshare Philippines · Philippines
Less screen time, more play time · OMO · Unilever · Mindshare, Lowe · Vietnam
World Cup Winning Moments · Clear Men · Unilever Indonesia · Mindshare Indonesia, AdColony · Indonesia

More information on the WARC Media Awards 2018 - Effective Use of Tech winners, as well as the winners of the Best Use of Data and Effective Channel Integration categories, is available here. The winners of the Effective Use of Partnerships & Sponsorships category will be announced shortly.
The WARC Media Awards are a comprehensive set of awards rewarding pioneering communications planning which has made a positive impact on business results for brands around the world. The Grands Prix and Special Awards share a total prize fund of $40,000.


Hegel's Dialectic said:

The opioid crisis is largely manufacturedand overstated. Many chronic pain sufferers now cannot get access to synthetic opioids due to the fearmongering of campaigns like 'Wentworth Rat'. As usual, advertising is part of the problem instead of being part of the solution.

A moment in history. said:

I have lurked on Campaign Brief for many a year now - and the above comment is by far the most bizarre collection of words ever typed beneath an article.


@A moment in history said:

As you stated yourself, it's your inability to comprehend that lies at the heart of your self-righteous ejaculation. Anyone who actually cared might, for example, research the opioid crisis and the possibility that it has been overstated - and the reasons that may have happened. It's complex and involves such disparate subjects as the Afghanistan war and the US border wall debate. Then you'd need to look into synthetic opiates and how their use has been caught up in the drive to get people off 'dangerous' opiates. But instead of looking into all those complex geo-political issues, you need to share your stupid with everyone via a supposedly pithy comment. Well done you.

lol said:


Bitch said:


@Hegel's Dialectic said:

I think if you'd written 'Prescribed to Death' instead of 'Wentworth Rat' your initial post would have made a lot more sense.

Hegel’s Rat said:

Much like those chained in the cave were prisoners to their own reality, so too is this campaign an example of the over-zealous advertising industry reaching a climax with their involvement in an issue that’s beyond the scope of message or medium. Why would this social issue be improved by talking to a rat? Is this rat a metaphor? Because I don’t think that vermin can adequately solve such complex, hard issues. Those suffering from addiction should not be treated like they are prisoners.

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