Nation Brand appoints Clemenger BBDO, Sydney as new creative agency to unify brand Australia

Screen Shot 2019-01-23 at 7.27.12 am.jpgCreative agency Clemenger BBDO Sydney has been selected to lead the development of Australia's nation brand following the conclusion of a competitive global open tender process.

The head of Australia's Nation Brand at Austrade, Fiona de Jong, said the agency, one of Australia's largest, would create an authentic, compelling brand to drive preference and choice of Australia, its people, goods, services and thinking.
Says de Jong: "We are delighted to appoint Clemenger BBDO after an extensive and competitive global search."
Selection of a creative agency follows the Australian Government's appointment last year of the Nation Brand Advisory Council, chaired by Andrew Forrest AO.
Led by industry and coordinated by Austrade on behalf of the Australian government, the nation brand initiative is seeking to implement a more consistent brand approach, overcoming fragmentation across diverse industries and sectors, including food and agriculture, education, tourism, science and technology, sports and the arts.
de Jong said growing competition in the global marketplace meant Australia must work harder to enhance and broaden its international reputation: "It's time we were recognised for more than our beautiful beaches, unique animals and friendly people.
"It's our uniqueness, resilience and resourcefulness that will take Australia into the future and all these things together form our unique offering to the world.
"The nation brand concept is aimed at firmly positioning Australia as a trusted source of premium quality goods and services; an internationally competitive investment destination; a quality provider of education; and a fabulous place to visit for business or leisure."
Emily Perrett, managing director at Clemenger BBDO Sydney, described the appointment as a huge honour: "Opportunities like these are once in a lifetime and we're thrilled to be able to contribute to the continued development and recognition of our country on a global scale."


Vince said:

Nice one guys!

Congrats said:

That should fill the Tourism Australia hole nicely. Hats off

David S said:

One of the most contested pitches of 2018, had every agency on it for 6 months.

Huge win for Clems.

lightson said:

hopefully keep the lights on over there in their new fancy offices

Meh said:

Clems has a toxic agency culture, winning small government accounts isn't going change that.

Global Pitch said:

Did I read that right? A global pitch for the Austrade account. The brand that encourages people to buy Australian looked outside Australia for its agency?

Groucho said:

They will have to hope that the new Government at the next election doesn’t decide that this is one of many projects set up by the current government to be abandoned to save money .

I need a dollar said:

$3M = $3. It won't pay for the milk arrowroots in the tea room at Walsh Bay

yep said:

^ Meh


@meh said:

Did you confuse your cities? I don't think anyone who has ever worked at Clems Sydney in the past few years thinks that.

Someone not at Clems Sydney.

@@meh said:

Ex Clems Sydney here and absolutely confirm @meh St Leonard’s and Walsh Bay

@@@Meh said:


Radar said:

Geez you’re a positive lot !!

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