Isobar's Rafael Martins creates bottles containing last oil-free ocean water from SA, TAS and VIC

Screen Shot 2019-01-09 at 7.23.43 am.jpgEquinor, a Norwegian company has plans to drill for oil in the Great Australian Bight by October 2019 . The chance of an oil spill is extremely high. The disaster would affect the whole coast from South Australia to New South Wales. It would take decades to recover.

In response to this Isobar Melbourne art director Rafael Martins has created a new awareness campaign called 'The Last Drops'.

'The Last Drops' is a bottles collection containing the last oil-free ocean water from South Australia, Victoria and Tasmania. This awareness campaign foreshadows a future that could unfold in an oil spill scenario.

Screen Shot 2019-01-09 at 7.23.54 am.jpgSays Raffi Martins, creative director, The Last Drops: "With so many safer ways to generate clean energy, it's hard to comprehend why large corporations opt for oil drilling. You can still make a profit, without costing the planet."

Says Samantha Cable, copywriter, The Last Drops: "The Last Drops is a shockingScreen Shot 2019-01-09 at 7.24.03 am.jpg realisation of the future we may face. Our next step is to contact the state government about preparing a Commonwealth proposal for the Unesco World Heritage Listing. Otherwise these bottles may be the last memory of our oil-free ocean."

The Last Drops' mission is to build a community who will protect and save our precious coastal waters. We aim to secure a Unesco World Heritage listing on the Great Australian Bight before the Equinor drilling commences in October 2019.

For more information on The Last Drops project, and how you can be part of the community, visit


Jesse said:

Nice one Raff dog, great idea for a good cause :)

Tiffany said:

The visuals communicate the message so well. A well thought out concept with a great purpose. Nice one.

Not from Isobar said:

This is what we in advertising should be doing more of to balance out all the negative stuff we put into the world like shilling bad debt, fast food, and narcissism.

Amazing work Raff - this is worth so much more respect than any Lion.

K said:

Well done team, great project with an amazing cause!

Simple said:

with a great cause attached. Well done!

concerned said:

This is really great.
Please let us know in a comment below how we as members of the public can best get behind this cause.

Cannes calling said:

Get a ‘client’ quick!

Don't Forget: Advertising Is The Pimple On The Arse Of Capitalism said:

So worthy.

Australian Ad industry said:

Welcome to another year immature Australian advertising comments to remind the world how behind you really are.

Case study of the year said:

Hilarious... although I don't think it's meant to be.

Thuglife said:

Its not the last drops. There's more water in the ocean

2019 said:

I was hoping for better this year... but it seems like we're going to do what we always do... bottle up 60ml of shit and pretend we're going to change the world.

@2019 said:

Had to be said.

Sue Dough Nom said:

Is this a piss take?

Dear Raf said:

It never ceases to amaze me how down on young creative people this industry can be. It's mostly cynical jerk-offs that cry into their beers on a Friday night. Raf, keep going. You only get great by wanting to be great. But more importantly by doing.
I personally don't think this is great. I'm going tell you why. There's disconnects all over the place. That aside, my major let down is it feels like you're trying to be a bit too clever and in places show off. "physical manifestations of man"? Here's my advice; If you're going to try to persuade the masses in order to create an army of legions to come to your cause, try not too disappear up your own ass. One thing is for absolute certain, change comes from the masses demanding it. Get a clear picture in your mind of the person that you're trying to persuade. Then engage their cynicism in a conversation and then try and build your case to motivate them enough to want to do something. On a positive side, I didn't know that this was in the pipeline (so to speak), so thank you for bringing it to my attention.
Good luck mate. This industry needs more people that give a fuck.

Bedpan said:

@Sue Dough Nom:

No, the piss is in the other bottle.

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