Sirena Tuna takes over Southern Cross station in new work via Akkomplice + Online Circle Digital

Sirena_January_StationDomination_OCD.jpegThe premium tuna brand is feeding the people of Melbourne for the launch of its newest product. With creative from Akkomplice agency and digital and activation strategy from Online Circle Digital, Sirena Tuna is taking over Southern Cross train station in Melbourne with it's Ready to Eat meal Station Activation.

The activation will see the Sirena Tuna team giving away thousands of Ready to Eat meals to the public for free on on Friday 25th and Saturday 26th January.
Says Lucio Ribeiro, MD, Online Circle: "We have recently been appointed by Sirena as their activation agency. Bringing the creative idea from Akkomplice agency live into a very large activation was a new challenge but we were so excited by the opportunity and can't wait for the event."

The creative for the new ready to eat product encourages consumers to "take their lunch to a more interesting place" - the activation aims to act as a facilitator to get consumers away from their desks and enjoying eating outdoors.

Says Meg Wise, marketing manager, Sirena Tuna: "The Sirena Ready to Eat Meals range offers consumers a delicious, healthy meal option that can be enjoyed anytime, anywhere. This is a unique activation idea that lets consumers interact with the brand in huge proportions."

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Creative: Akkomplice
Media: Media 33
Digital and Activation: Online Circle Digital


Pseudonym said:

So, what's the idea?

JW said:

What is it? A big yellow tuna can with people handing out tuna?

Cirque du so lame said:

How is this unique at all? Giving potential customers a serving is supposed to be groundbreaking?

Book me a table said:

I always choose to dine on a station platform, it's such a wonderful environment

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