Smith's promotes new Snag & Sauce chips ahead of Australia Day with new campaign via PHD

Screen Shot 2019-01-24 at 6.26.14 am.jpgThis Australia Day, Smith's is calling for Aussies to get back to the classic "Snag" and "Sauce" with the release of its new Smith's Snag & Sauce chips. The brand has partnered with PHD to launch its limited-edition chips ahead of the public holiday with a new ad campaign.

In a comical play on the BBQ occasion, Smith's new Australia Day ad calls out the current changes to Aussie BBQ as it becomes awash with charcuterie boards and grazing paddles. It highlights that people spend more time taking photos of food than eating it. Smith's has called for the end to this madness through a new video ad that asks Aussies to get back to the humble Snag and Sauce this Australia Day.

Says Alison Silver, brand manager, Smith's: "Smith's is all about keeping the classics simple, the release of Smith's Snag & Sauce chips fostered a great opportunity to poke a little fun at how fancy we have all become with our BBQs these days."

Says Christian Heath, content and partnerships director, PHD Australia: "PHD Content was delighted to work with the Smith's team to bring this humorous campaign to life. It's great to have a brave client like Smith's, and getting the opportunity to work with an Aussie acting legend has been incredible. We look forward to producing more fresh and fun campaigns like this in the near future."

Various digital video ads have been created, including a 60-second spot produced by PHD Content. The campaign also appears on radio, including a special tailored creative only played in grocery stores, calling on shoppers to walk away from the boutique cheese and head over to the chip aisle this Australia Day.

Client: PepsiCo
Marketing Manager: Lynn Rutherford
Brand Manager: Alison Silver
Assistant Brand Manager: Bianca Kellie

Media Agency: PHD
Content and Partnerships Director PHD Content: Christian Health
Content and Partnerships Senior Manager PHD Content: Jack Monro
Head of Content, Social and Diverse: Joanne Liddell
Executive Group Business Director: Stephanie Douglas-Neal
Business Director: Noel Gate
Group Investment Director: Stefan Boden
Planning Director: Ben Lynch
Digital Investment Manager: George Shearring
Investment Manager: Tahnee Fleming
Account Coordinator: Dylan Long

Creative Production: Hooligan Collective
Director: Dylan Harrison
DOP: Jason White
Creative Director: Dylan Harrison


Awkward said:

Because everyone loves a drunk baby boomer screeching at you while you're trying to enjoy your grazing platter...

Eh? said:

If nothing beats a snag in sauce why would I buy snag in sauce flavoured chips???

thanks for the diversity said:

all i see is an old white guy yelling at people of colour to be more australian

Lame said:

1999 wants their lamb ad back.

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