TBWA\Melbourne brings ANZ Bank and Nike together to kick down barriers in new campaign

DylanAlcott_reaction (1).jpgCB Exclusive - TBWA\Melbourne has brought ANZ and Nike together in an unexpected partnership to present Australian Grand Slam tennis champion and Paralympian, Dylan Alcott, with a Player Exclusive pair of Nike sneakers, in recognition of his successes both on and off court.

Reflecting on his time growing up, Alcott says: "If you'd told my parents that their son, who can't walk, would have his own shoe (pause) As if. That's just not possible."

The Dylan Alcott Player Exclusive Nike Court Air Zoom Zero is inspired by the Grand Slam champion with a bespoke Dylan Alcott logo featured on the heel, tag and dubrae, and a custom colourway reflecting Melbourne's summer of tennis.

DylanAlcottShoes_f34 (2).jpgSays Carolyn Bendall, head of marketing for ANZ Australia: "Given his sneaker obsession (500 pairs and counting), we thought it appropriate to celebrate all the barriers that Dylan's been able to kick down with a pair of custom sneakers and we were thrilled to create these with Nike."

AlcottShoeBox (2).jpgSays Ashley Reade, general manager, Nike Pacific: "Dylan is a six-time Grand Slam champion and has been incredibly influential both on and off the court. When ANZ came to us with the idea to customise a player exclusive shoe for Dylan, we were excited to explore what was possible."

Dylan Alcott will be wearing the brand new shoes on court tomorrow as he plays at the Australian Open in Melbourne. At the conclusion of the Australian Open, Dylan's shoes will be auctioned with all proceeds going to The Dylan Alcott Foundation to help young Australians with disabilities.

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Copy Desk said:

Wow, that really gets you in the feels. Great work guys.

Love this said:

Well done all involved

The missing bit said:

Would be good if the general public could buy them

DOP said:

Who the hell shot this!?

Shame... said:

You didn't have two cameras.

todd said:

Very nice.

underwhelming said:

Can't anyone go online and make a customised pair of Nikes?

@underwhelming said:

Sure anyone can customise colours of existing models - but it's a whole other thing getting a bespoke model designed, with your own logo created and having them boxed up and presented to you by the head of Nike as a mark of recognition for your sporting achievements.

is this anything? said:

So they've made him one pair of shoes.
It's nothing.

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