Tennis stars Nadal, Kyrgios and Wozniacki star in latest Uber Eats 'Tonight, I'll Be Eating' campaign at the Australian Open via Special Group, Sydney

In case you weren't watching the Australian Open, viewers saw tennis stars Rafael Nadal, Nick Kyrgios and Caroline Wozniacki as well as officials appear to interrupt the Channel 9 Australian Open broadcast. 

It was the latest instalment of the 'Tonight, I'll be eating' Uber Eats campaign via Special Group, Sydney. 

The campaign was designed so that the player executions could be inserted into their live broadcast, for maximum disruption.

TV viewers tuning back into the tennis after a long commercial break were greeted with a live shot of the Rod Laver Arena. The AO logo flashed on screen and a camera zoomed on to one of the two players involved in that evening's match. 

It might have been Caroline Wozniacki, Nick Kyrgios or Rafa Nadal. Each was shown sweating and looking pensive as they waited for the game to resume. Suddenly the player turns to face the camera and announces what they will be eating later that evening. A doorbell rings and an Uber Eats brown bag appears from off-camera. After a brief positive inspection of the food within, the player walks off shot and back on to the (actual) live tennis coverage.

Creative Agency - Special Group, Sydney
Executive Creative Directors - Tom Martin & Julian Schreiber
Creatives: Nick Cole and Pat Allenby
CEO - Lindsey Evans
Managing Partner: Cade Heyde
Business Lead: Tori Magill
Account Managers: Will Sealey & Stephanie Wilkinson
Executive Producer: Meredyth Judd
Strategy Director: Celia Garforth
Casting Director:  Emily Stewart
Producer: Laura Midalia
Digital: Sharon Gray & Jesse McLallen
Social: Lachlan Stewart & Jeff Seeff

Production - Film
Production Company: Revolver/ Will O'Rourke
Director: The Glue Society
Producer: Ian Iveson
Executive Producer: Jasmin Helliar/ Pip Smart
Managing Director/ Executive Producer: Michael Ritchie
Edit & Post Production: The Glue Society Studios
Photographer - Chris Tovo

Client - Uber
Director of Marketing: Steve Brennen
Head of Brand & Campaigns: Georgie Jeffreys
Eats Senior Marketing Manager: Rebecca Kemp
Eats Marketing Manager: Harriet Johnston
Eats Marketing Associate: Maria Oliveira
Consumer Comms Lead: Megan Smith


bravo. said:

These were good.

And a tip of the hat for holding off on the industry press until after the campaign ran to avoid ruining it.

Just quality creative advertising.

James said:

Best integration I’ve seen in years. Wonderful work.

ScenesByDean said:

Congrats Nick and Pat. These look great and seamless on air.

Jeremy said:

Great work Nick and Pat. They tricked me.

Every blue moon... said:

...a piece of work pops up that's so simple, I wish I'd done it. And here it is so well done.

@bravo said:

You really have a low opinion of the industry if you think we PR our punks before we punk. Or maybe you’re just more realistic than the rest of us. Well played.

Sorry said:

But I really didn't like these.

They weren't seamless at all. Jarring and annoyingly instrusive I thought.

I don't want to see Rafa acting like a plank pretending / not pretending to like Uber eats.

Mac said:

How much would they have paid the talent?? A fortune I'd imagine.

Ugh said:

Why is ANYONE paying Kyrgios to do literally anything?

Turned a corner said:

Best work to come out of Special ever! Ok, that's a low bar! But this is entertaining and well done.

Ace said:

this is almost good enough to remove the bad taste left my mouth from the rest of the campaign.

Mark L said:

It's refreshing to talk about a campaign in past tense because it has undeniably cut through the clutter. Well done for withholding the campaign from the speculative nonsense and announcing it to the industry with a hardworking case.

thumbs up said:

These were brilliant - well done to the team involved! Now for Wimbledon...

Good said:

Read about these in the paper. Nicely done.

If only they could drop all the other cringeworthy spots.

clap clap said:

Really good, turned a terrible campaign into something cool.
What makes this great is it’s actually an old school idea - for a modern tech brand.
Just playing with the broadcast medium.
No ‘digital’ theatrics.
Just real work, that worked.

Seymour Skinner said:

I’m with you @sorry

Loved these said:

A brilliant case for sponsorship integration. Well done to all involved.

Nice said:

So well done. Really nice bit of work. Wish I had my name on the credits.

Really said:

These were terrible, the turn to camera, the stilted performances. erghhh

@really said:

I’m sure the turning to camera thing to catch viewers off guard was the point.

Max said:

Nice work Nick and Pat - smashing it as usual. Fooled me

Old CD Guy Likes It said:

Cleanest idea in ages.

really? said:

sports people cant act. so dont make them act. this set of ads made me feel vertigo.

These are great said:

Well done Special Group

Jack Sparrow said:

Work that works. Good work.

Leandro said:

Nick, you bastard! These were excellent, well done mate.

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