'The Incomplete Angler' tribute poster to the one and only Mike Chandler available to download

Chandler-The Compleat-Angler-POSTER-FRAMED.jpgAt Mike Chandler's funeral and wake on Friday, Campaign Brief had many requests to create a poster reproducing 'The Incompleat Angler', Lionel Hunt's touching ode to Mike, plus as many of the record amount of comments about Mike that appeared on the CB blog and on various Facebook posts.

Well, thanks to the exquisite typographic skills of Rafe Greenlaw ~ now based in London ~ the poem looks great, set in Mike's favourite typeface Bembo Bold of course. And CB has added all the comments we could find ~ also set in Bembo ~ to create an A2 sized poster that anyone can download as a hi-res print ready PDF (Officeworks prints that size, while you wait) hopefully to get framed so that your memories of the great man never fades.

If by chance you made a comment and it's not included email Lynchy with the comment and he'll create a PDF especially for you.



Leezy said:

Great tribute guys - thanx

Mono said:

I Love this. Rest in Peace Mike Chandler.

Rich, Clems said:

Pure class all round.
Well done chaps.

Paul Alexander said:

Nice one Michael. Hat tip to Rafe. My type of tribute. Bravo.

A fitting tribute said:

It's fitting that Mike be remembered in Bembo, in ink, in print. It reminds me of the wonderful poster created by the Campaign Palace as a farewell gift for John Turnbull before he returned to England in the 80's. Sadly, John passed away soon after his return.That poster was full of short poems about John written by his peers under the headline 'Australia quite liked John Turnbull' referencing John's own short book of poetry titled 'I Quite Like My Wife'.

Patsy Peacock said:

Wonderful to see one of our industry's treasures, treasured. Thank you Michael.

Nigel Chandler said:

This is a great tribute to our late father Mike and means a great deal, thank you to "Campaign Friends".

from Nigel and Tim Chandler in the UK

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