The Producers helps Shahram search for love in unique series of films via McCann Melbourne

Shahrams Table 1.jpgTrue love. Finding it can seem as elusive and impossibly unobtainable as uncovering three beautiful pieces of film from three international and Australian directors, each offering a different interpretation of one lonely man's search for love via one obscure personal ad.

The Producers hooked up with McCann Melbourne for an initial concept and The Producers took it from there to produce three films - one directed by Mitch Kennedy, one by Lou Quill and one by Olivier Staub - each one focusing on their life's loves as metaphors for, well, love. For Mitch, it was his love of food. For Lou, it was his love of poetry and dance, and for Olivier, it was pure film noir, inspired by his love of chess.

The Producers found one personal ad, from one man - Shahram - and made that ad the heart of each film.

Before I Love.jpgThe Producers met with Shahram to find out his motivation behind the ad, where it came from and why he placed it - and to show him that they wanted to celebrate him, not make a joke out of him. He knew TheFind The One.jpg Producers' intentions came from the heart - just like his ad did.

The project was an example of how The Producers are constantly looking for ways to work with agencies in new, more collaborative ways as well as showcasing our directors' unique talents and passions.

So whether you're looking for love, or looking for an amazing director, look no further than The Producers.

Although the course of true love never did run smooth, a job with The Producers always will.

Creative Agency:  McCann Melbourne
Creative Director: Andrew Woodhead
Associate Creative Director: Aaron Lipson
Art Director: Megan Latter
Copywriter: Moira Cotnoir
Copywriter: Ellen Woods
Account Director: Jacquelyn Whelan
Account Executive: Leighton Howindt

Find The One
Director/DOP: Olivier Staub
Producer: Noelle Jones
Post Production - Shed Production, Montreal
Audio - Apollo Studio, Toronto & Windmill Audio, Melbourne

Share Shahram's Table
Director/DOP: Mitch Kennedy
Producer: Tanya Spencer
Editor: Sue Schweikert, The Post Lounge
Grade: Martin Greer
Composer: Ack Kinmonth

Before I Love
Director: Lou Quill
Producer: Victoria Conners
DOP: Liam Gilmour
Editor: Ryan Brett
Grade: CJ Dobson
VFX: Pancho
Composer: Emily McKelvie


Donate the budget said:

What a waste of time, money and resources. Not even sure what this is for. Surely the resources could’ve been put toward something worthwhile rather than something that’s never going to be seen by anyone.

Clams said:

TBH this is a really clever idea executed by a world class agency with the best producers around. Really good job! Wish to see more of this in the future!
If only more agencies could live up to this standard...

Re: Clams said:

Hello Pat Baron!

Truthsayer said:

Advertising people doing things outside the box... Love it.

Take or leave said:

I do commend thinking outside the box, however I think the execution could be elevated. This feels more like competent content than calling card creative.

Show me the money said:

To think of the time and money spent here that could have gone towards a charity project...with an actual idea...

Fuzzy said:

Not much to it, but it was nice and wholesome

The Nose knows said:

It’s already award entry desperation season.
The true creativity will come on the myriad of category entries, the multitude of rationales created and the metrics used to generate a ‘credible’ result for the investment.
Already in the edit suite guys?

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